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Charlie Morey is a fine art photographer who is currently exhibiting “From Stunning to Sublime…” at Two Roads Gallery in Studio City.  It is a collection that includes images of nature, specifically time spent at Yosemite, to moments captured on the streets of Los Angeles.  Morey uses digital and film cameras, as well as in color and black and white.

“I’m a visually-oriented person,” says Morey.  “I learn best when my lessons arrive through my eyes rather than any of my other senses. I think visually. I dream visually.”

Capturing nature, like this photograph from Yosemite, drives Charlie Morey's artistry.  Photo copyright: Charlie Morey

Capturing nature, like this photograph from Yosemite, drives Charlie Morey's artistry. Copyright: Charlie Morey

Why then photography?  Morey explains, “I guess it’s the slice of left-brainedness in me that helped me easily grasp the technical concepts of cameras, lenses and print-making. With those capabilities in hand, my creative whims are free to express themselves.  And I may have an attention span that prohibits me from working on a single piece of artwork for days or weeks…photography is fulfillingly fast!”

“I find myself framing compositions as I walk or drive around LA,” continue Morey, “and when I find myself in a location that’s filled with amazing imagery (Yosemite National Park is a good example), I feel an overwhelming need to record those compositions.  That’s what I’ve done since buying my first ‘good’ camera almost four decades ago. My current show at the Two Roads Gallery displays images taken on film alongside ones I captured in recent years with my digital cameras.”

Morey started his photographic journey by initially taking family pictures.  It was one photograph in particular that made him want to learn more, one he took of his daughter “with a silver foil Christmas tree in the background. The flashbulb reflected off the tinsel-like tree creating soft blurs of lens flare surrounding her, creating a dreamlike image.”  He felt the image was capture by luck.  It was this that made him want to learn technique.

Morey, then living in his hometown in Maine, purchased a used Minolta Hi-Matic 7 35mm rangefinder camera along with some how-to books on photography.  “I also bought a film developing tank so I could process my own black-and-white film at home,” shares Morey.  It was just the beginning.

Charlie Morey speaks to a patron at the Two Roads gallery opening earlier this month.

Charlie Morey speaks to a patron at the Two Roads gallery opening earlier this month.

Based on his self-taught talents and his passion for photography, in 2005 he received a grant to be an artist in residence at Yosemite.  (Some of the daily images he photographed are on display at Two Roads.)  Morey describes Yosemite as a “theme park for nature photographers, and I love nature.”

Morey lives with his wife Amy.  “We met in 1992,” proudly shares Morey, “got married in 1995, and lived in Sherman Oaks. Our first Studio City home was on Wrightwood Drive (a busy local commuter route into L.A.) across the street from actors Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill, just two doors down from where The Scorpions bass player lived. We now live off Wrightwood Lane, and as far as we know, nobody’s famous here.”

“From Stunning to Sublime” continues through July 28th.  Both framed and unframed images are available.  For more information, visit

Studio City local Sophia Louisa Lee curates exhibitions at the Two Roads Gallery located at 4348 Tujunga Avenue in Studio City.  With a passion for the arts, she’s a painter, a member of the Board of Directors for the MOCA Contemporaries, and a contributing writer for Artillery and Coagula, both art magazines.

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