Meet Ellie and Melissa: The Ultimate Event Planners

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When Ellie Miller and Melissa Gould took their respective daughters to a princess birthday party three years ago, they expected to find Cinderella cupcakes and rhinestone tiaras.  What they didn’t expect to find was the beginning of a brand new career.

Both overwhelmed trying to juggle family and work (Ellie was a network news producer and Melissa an award -winning screenwriter), the Studio City residents became fast friends and put their brilliant minds together to try to create a business that would allow them to work at home. They kicked around the idea of starting a cookie business or perhaps a kid’s party service.


Now you can find Ellie and Melissa, The Baby Planners, on, where they provide video content to help parents bridge the gap between pregnancy and toddlerhood.

But nothing clicked until they reminisced about how much time and energy they wasted stressing over their babies’ arrivals. Stollers and car seats and cribs: Oh crap! They knew there had to be a better way!

Several months, a DBA certificate, and a website designer later, they launched not only launched a new career, but a brand new industry as well! The result: The Baby Planners, a baby concierge service to guide expectant and new parents through the overwhelming and ever changing baby market. As their catchphrase goes, they’ll take the labor out of delivery!

Whether it be through a personalized half hour phone consultation or their full concierge service, The Baby Plannerswill be there to create the baby registry, find the perfect doulas, doctors and lamaze classes, set up the fantasy nursery, and be their client’s own personal shoppers to find the perfect stroller, car seat and crib to match their personal lifestyle. The Baby Planners can be there after delivery as well to help with birth announcements, post-partum support, and finding a great baby nurse, nanny, even diaper service. No detail goes unplanned!

Melissa and Ellie have helped ease the stress of thousands of new parents, including a bevy of celebrity clientele as well, such as “Hairspray’s” Tony award winning Marissa Jaret Winokur and “Brothers and Sisters” star Rachel Griffiths. They’ve appeared on TV shows such as “Rachel Ray” and “Access Hollywood,” and have been featured in publications from People to The Washington Post.

They’re also experts and regular columnists for Pregnancy magazine, The Cradle, The Bump, Tibesti, and The Hot Moms Club. Their comprehensive website,, has a regular blog that offers the latest and greatest finds — inside scoops and tips on everything from the hottest parenting books to the best bouncy seats.

And now you can find The Baby Planners on, where they’ll provide video content to help parents bridge the gap between pregnancy and toddlerhood.

Although Melissa and Ellie have achieved their goal of working from home, they’re still plenty busy returning late night emails from grateful clients or working with manufacturers to give them The Baby Planners seal of approval.

I’m sure these incredible women would have created an awesome cookie franchise or a fabulous party business, but speaking on behalf of us stressed out, hormonal, and overwhelmed moms, we’re glad they’re around to help take some of the pressure out of procreation!

You can find Ellie and Melissa at: Or watch them on Disney Family at:

Joanne Kimes is the author of the bestselling “Sucks” series as well as “The Stay-at-Home Martyr”  and also writes the Parenting Sucks column for Visit her at

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