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Every time I go out looking for a new T-shirt for myself, for a loved one or a client, I always end up searching for my old favorite T-shirt. Obviously, there’s more to our favorite old T-shirt than just the material. Otherwise, we’d just throw it out. It may be a memory of a special moment or friend, or perhaps, a vacation you took when you were five.

Original Retro Brand is a fave of Adam Sandler onscreen, as seen here in "Bedroom Stories," and off screen as well.

Original Retro Brand is a fave of Adam Sandler onscreen, as seen here in "Bedroom Stories," and off screen as well. Photo: Courtesy ORB

You may have seen Cal Ripken break the record in it. Or you may have been asked out for the first time by the love of your life while you had it on.  Or simply, it may just smell like home.

Right now my favorite T-shirt smells like the ocean, coconut and mango oil - and feels like the warm sun against my back. I wore my favorite old T to my first James Taylor concert and continue to wear it. Yes, JT is still my favorite, and yes, the T is incredibly, worn, soft, and filled with holes, but feels quite nice on my skin. The T is so comforting that I’ve been in search of the same feel for quite some time.

As luck would have it, and after much searching, I found the feeling I’ve been looking for in Original Retro Brand (ORB), the brainchild of clothing industry veterans Marc Herman and Rick Schwartz (CEO and CFO respectively), who discovered the perfect formula for creating the look and feel of the “perfect T” by reinventing our old favorite T.

Herman, a San Fernando Valley resident, says “I discovered the secret to the T-shirt by spending a considerable amount of time looking for a process to make the cotton jersey using old knitting machines.”

KTLA News Anchor Asha Blake enjoys the easy comfort of ORB tees in her off-camera life.

KTLA News Anchor Asha Blake enjoys the easy comfort of ORB tees in her off-camera life. Photo: Allison Rae Marsh

By using the finest ring spun cotton for their product, he and Schwartz found their “perfect T-shirt.” The other component to this incredible T-shirt company is the fit. It appears to be ‘fashion fit,’ yet not too fitted.

Silicone and softener adhere to the jersey to make the shirts feel silky. The stretch of the fabric keeps it from clinging too much – it hits all the right places perfectly, on every body type, for both men and women.


Hutch Dano, star of the new Disney XD series, "Zeke & Luther" says ORB tees are his personal favorite. Photo: Karen Ray Photography

ORB’s use of ‘fashion fit,’ combined with state of the art dye and printing, has helped create a truly unique, quality shirt with a vintage look.

Herman and Schwartz created their collection using licenses that we all know and love, including the College Vault, NHL, Minor League Baseball, Indy 500, and celebrity designed Whatever It Takes charity line. They have stepped into pop culture as well, as new licensing brings animated television into the fold, and all of the line’s body styles in the season’s hottest colors.

CEO Marc Herman found the secret to making 'fashion fit' tees by

CEO Marc Herman found the secret to making 'fashion fit' tees by using the finest ring spun cotton so the shirts lay just right on most everyone. Photo: Allison Rae Marsh

Many well-known celebrities in movies, television, magazines and on the streets wear ORB T-shirts. They are personal favorites of two of my clients, Hutch Dano, star of new Disney XD series, “Zeke & Luther,” and KTLA News Anchor Asha Blake.

The T-shirts could practically be considered a cast member of HBO’s “Entourage,” as  “Turtle,” played by actor Jerry Ferrara, wears ORB in almost every episode.  Adam Sandler favors the ORB T, and was seen wearing the University of California Berkeley Golden Bears shirt in “Bedtime Stories.”

Go through your closet and look for an old favorite T of your own.  Or create a new memory in a new favorite new T.

Check out http://www.originalretrobrand.com to buy online or check out the selection at Sy Devore 12930 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604 www.sydevore.com or at Fred Segal 8100 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 www.fredsegal.com

Allison Rae Marsh is a Studio City based fashion/ wardrobe stylist with an eclectic celebrity clientele. She is available for  style consultations or personal shopping.  She can be contacted at allisonrae@mac.com

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  • Wilma

    Well written piece: Made me wish I haden’t thrown out my comfortable old shirt!

  • jillian

    I cannot wait to buy a few of these amazing T’s. My oldest and dearest T’s have fallen apart and I am ready to make new memories in my new ORB T’s. Great article!

  • Dominic

    Where can I get the sweater the writer, Allison, is photographed in? Beautiful. Thanks!

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