Mobile pet adoptions at local parks

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If you’re  looking for a dog or a cat, there are numerous opportunities for  adoption through various rescues  and shelters.   One local opportunity for finding a new pet is  Los Angeles Animal Services, which holds a mobile pet adoption the first and third Sunday of every month, from 11am to 4 pm at Moorpark Park in Studio City, and the third Sunday of the  month from noon to 3 Encino Park in Encino.

People and canines visit in the part.  Photos: Hannah Cohen

People and canines visit in the park. Photos: Hannah Cohen

The mobile pet adoption at the parks provide an excellent opportunity to have a great time, volunteer or support a worthwhile cause.  A visit on any given Sunday is  a wonderful way to experience a park filled with furry friends and friendly faces.

On this particular warm summer Sunday, Moorpark Park is filled with volunteers in uniform, most with a canine to attend to and cages or leashes to manage them in.  Other volunteers are tending to the less frisky feline population in that park nestled under a blanket of shade.

Waiting for a new family.

Waiting for a new family.

The animals are well taken care of with ice in their water bowls and plenty of food and squeaky toys to gnaw on throughout the day. People come and go with their own pets and play with these playful kennel pups. Families come and consider adopting while their younger children wince from the insatiable love of a pound pooch. The whole park is shady, clean and monitored by the highly trained and devoted volunteers.

More volunteers are needed at LA Animal Services.

More volunteers are needed at LA Animal Services.

Despite the volunteers giving their time, more are needed.  Liza Berry, an LA Animal Services volunteer, says  they are only allowed one dog per volunteer to take from the pound and display in the park. Consequently, many dogs are not given the opportunity  to be taken out of the pound to romp in the park or find their way to new owner.  Berry said that the volunteer training program only takes three hours, so new people are always welcome.

Tama Winograd, another LA Animal Services volunteer, says that adopting a pet from  Los Angeles Animal Services or another organization, makes a stand to the puppy mills, and provides a new home to a pet who has runaway or been abandoned.  She says that puppy mill pooches are sickly due to inbreeding, are un-socialized and are put down if they exhibit any sort of “personality defect.”


Adopting a shelter dog saves a life.

Visiting a pet mobile adoption is a fulfilling and fun way to fill your Sunday. By volunteering, visiting the animals, or bringing your own pet to make a new friend, one can support a cause and have an enjoyable afternoon at the park.

For volunteer or adoption information, contact LA Animal Services The next mobile adoption at Moorpark Park (Moopark and Laurel Canyon) is Sunday, August 16th. They are  held on the first and third Sunday of every month, from 11:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. (unless the Sunday falls on a holiday weekend, or they cancel because of the weather).  The Encino Park (Ventura Blvd. just west of Balboa) mobile adoption is on the third Saturday of every month from noon to 3 pm.  More more information about other pet adoptions and rescues, check out

Hannah Cohen, a senior at North Hollywood High School’s Highly Gifted Magnet, is an easily inspired writer. Invigorating forces ignited by a plethora of arts, causes and issues have earned Hannah multiple L.A. Times awards. She constantly strives to find outlets such as writing and dance to unleash her passion and inspire others.

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  • Jackie Houchin

    Thanks for the informative article. I know several friends who’ve gotten wonderful pets from these mobile adoptions… and like you say, it helps put “puppy mills” out of business. I don’t DARE attend one however. I love cats – especially kittens – and I’ve already adopted three. My hubby would kill me if I came home with another one! :o )

  • Wendy Cohen

    Another article by our Hannah. Wonderful content and information, too.

    Well done!

  • David A Fields

    Great article, Hannah. You do a fabulous job of finding these important stories and presenting them in a way which is compelling. I won’t be surprised at all if the pound gets a flurry of new volunteers due to your coverage.

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