Sushi Don (Sasabune) for a quick, quality sushi fix

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karenyoung110BY KAREN YOUNG

If you need a quick sushi fix that won’t dent your wallet, run to Sushi Don Sasabune in Valley Village. A most affable man named Mineo (Jimmy) meticulously runs the place, which is owned by the renowned Sushi Sasabune in West Los Angeles.

Mineo (Jimmy) runs Sushi Don and greets everyone like a friend.

Mineo (Jimmy) runs Sushi Don and greets everyone like a friend.

Be warned, there’s no sushi bar – just walk up to the counter and order. With less than a dozen tables, it’s a “to-go” or an “eat on the run” affair. No real ambiance, but very clean. There’s a slim menu filled with only the highest quality fish. No chicken or tempura here. Choose from yellowtail, tuna, blue crab (no fake crab), albacore, scallops, salmon, salmon skin, shrimp, blue shrimp, masago, negiama, eel and cooked spicy salmon in either sushi or rolls ($3.50-4.50). Also, available are Ikura ($5) and Uni ($4.50), as well as some super rolls – caterpillar, rainbow and dragon ($8.50).

Michael, a rabid sushi aficionado, who travels from over-the-hill, says it best, “The fish is always fresh, the blue crab is the best in the city, and their salmon skin hand roll is like nothing else.”

The combination includes soup or salad, a cut roll (8 pieces) and five pieces of sushi.

The combination includes soup or salad, a cut roll (8 pieces) and five pieces of sushi.

The best deals are the combinations which include homemade miso soup or a small green salad.  Try a Donburi bowl  filled to the brim with fresh sashimi, blue crab or any fish made spicy; or a choose a  sushi roll and five pieces of sushi,  ($9.95).  If you’re really hungry, try the combination with Donburi, a cut roll and  five pieces of sushi ($13.50). Soy paper is available for $1 more.  If you don’t want rice, try any of the fish selections on a green salad topped with julienne cucumbers, avocado and radish, laced with a homemade dressing.

Spicy tuna donburi

Spicy tuna donburi

And the key to it all? Warm rice — and the fresh fish, of course.   They  even make their own ponzu sauce.

Sushi Don 4816 Laurel Canyon Blvd. (in a strip mall just north of Riverside)  Valley Village (818) 762-8720 11:30 am – 8:30 pm   Party trays are available.
Karen Young is the Publisher/Editor of MY DAILY FIND
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About Karen Young

Karen Young is the founder of My Daily Find.

  • Jennifer

    A sushi place I haven’t heard of — this sounds delicious – what a find! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to go!

  • MaxMillion

    Oh no! Don’t tell everybody about my fave secret Valley sushi joint!

    BTW – you can eat there, but I always get mine to go.

    Also, for some reason I tend to get my sushi cravings right in the middle-to-late afternoon, when every sushi joint is closed — *except* Sushi Don.

    Love love LOVE this place.

  • TheBigPicture

    This place is such a find that I have mentioned it to friends who live in the City or Westside that NEVER want to come visit “the Valley” but have been known to take the drive over the hill for this place! It is just that good.

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