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amandatraxler110x110BY AMANDA TRAXLER

When leaving for Europe to be a personal chef for a celebrity client’s movie shoot, James Barry knew that his established clientele was not pleased. Especially the woman who was finally losing her stubborn baby weight by eating his healthy meals.

“They were enjoying the food,” Barry said, “but they were also feeling the health benefits. A lot of them were upset.”

As he found himself wishing he’d trained someone to replace him, the lightbulb went off.

James Barry

James Barry

“That’s when I conceived this,” Barry said, referring to Wholesome2go, a food delivery service launched this year that doesn’t just focus on quality, it elevates it.

“A lot of people talk about quality, but there’s not a lot of consciousness about this,” Barry said.

In describing his own ‘food’ consciousness, Barry said that Wholesome2go only uses organic, ‘whole’ foods (unprocessed items that are as close to their natural state as possible—such as whole grains), as well as health-promoting food-combination principles (such as 80% vegetables to 20% carbohydrates and protein).

“Whole grains help with cravings,” Barry said, “and our bodies can only take so much protein.”

All recipes are initially vegan and gluten-free; meat or cheese can be substituted at a client’s request. And when meat is added, only grass-fed beef is used, as well as antibiotic- and formaldehyde-free chicken.


Sweet and spicy shrimp with farmer's market vegetables over roasted spaghetti squash.

The result? Dishes such as:

  • Quinoa vegetable sushi served with a ginger-soy dipping sauce and seaweed avocado salad (the quinoa’s distinct nutty flavor is a lovely surprise for rice-habituated palates)
  • Sweet and spicy shrimp that flavorfully blends sautéed vegetables and shrimp over roasted spaghetti squash (a delicious alternative to heavy pasta dishes, the dish had good heat without sacrificing flavor, and the shrimp were nice and large)
  • Nut-crusted pesto-stuffed chicken coated in a pumpkin seed crust and served with roasted garlic mashed yams and seasonal vegetables (the veggies were crunchy and fresh, and I wouldn’t have known by the flavor that the pesto was cheese-less)

For many clients, the healthy food choices have been transformative.

“The comments I get are along the lines of, ‘I feel satisfied, but I don’t feel weighed down,’ and ‘I have more energy and my thoughts are sharper,’ ” Barry said.

Chicken Pesto

Nut-crusted pesto-stuffed chicken coated in a pumpkin seed crust and seasonal vegetables. There's no cheese in the pesto!

Aware that many associate food delivery with high prices, Barry has priced his menu on the lower side.

“I want Wholesome2go to be successful,” Barry said, “but I also want it to be affordable to help as many people as possible.”

According to Barry, similar food-delivery services charge about $55 to $70 for three meals and two snacks, with an extra $10 charge for organic ingredients.

At Wholesome2go, three meals and two snacks–already organic–cost $55. (Snacks, by the way, are yummy treats such as vegan, flourless chocolate chip cookies and coconut lime nut bites.)

According to Barry, serving sizes run a bit bigger than most competitors’—keeping clients satiated until the next meal.

“If you’re eating the right foods, there’s nothing wrong with larger portions,” Barry said.

To serve families, Wholesome2go is currently developing children’s meals.

To find out more, call (877)395-3010. Delivery is available thoughout the San Fernando Valley; certain areas may incur higher delivery charges.

Amanda Traxler is an L.A.-born writer with degrees in journalism from the University of Kansas and creative writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been rediscovering her roots since she returned to the area three years ago from the wintry Midwest.

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  • Lee Rappaport

    Do you know whether James Barry offers cooking lessons? I would be very interested in having him do a demonstration/hands-on class for my au pair group later this year? Please advise.

    Enjoyed the article and beautiful photography of the plating.
    Much thanks, Lee

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