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susan bogner110BY SUSAN BOGNER

Music thumping, bodies pumping — screaming, yelling, breathing, sweating, grunting, laughing, singing.  You have entered The Battlezone  at RPM Fitness Studio. Exclusive to RPM, this well-rounded physically and mentally challenging Bootcamp is unique because of its regime and the two woman who created it and run it — but it’s a program and a fitness center not just for women.


Karyn Graham

Cynthia and Karyn Graham

Cynthia and Karyn Graham  are sisters, co-owners and head trainers of RPM. They both have outrageously fit and toned bodies. They are nutty, but smart; funny but serious,  but most importantly, passionate about their job – which is to create as many fit and healthy bodies as possible.


Going to RPM is more like going to a friend’s house, rather than a gym.  Upon entering,  you are always greeted with a friendly smile by someone at the front desk who is in a room filled with an inviting and cozy sitting area. People are often hanging out before and after class, just chatting.  

Unlike the corporate gym chains, RPM classes are more intimate, and the instructors are very attentive. RPM offers a variety of classes including Spinning*, Pilates, and their very unique combination of upper body and Pilates called Pilates Beats*,  and  Karyn’s own technique she personally developed called  BodyBarre * which is the talk of the studio.  

Most recently, their reputation has largely been built on their Battlezone Bootcamp.   This 5 week weight loss program is guaranteed to change your body and your lifestyle. Week by week you will learn more fun and exciting ways to  change your body,  and ultimately, how you feel about yourself. Each day consists of different exercises which have been specifically designed to target those problem areas: butt, thighs, hips, abs, and arms — “leaving no body part untouched” as the Graham sisters like to say. The intense cross-training approach includes spinning,  cardio kick, body sculpting,  bodybarre, pilates,  corework and  yoga.

Bootcampers  each receive individual attention and given a one-on-one nutritional consultation which includes a personalized food lifestyle change – not a fad diet.



Worried you won’t keep up?  No worries.  The Bazzlezone Bootcamp has been designed so anyone can do it. Overweight, just had a baby, nursing an injury?  Karyn and Cynthia watch each student carefully, and move them up to their next fitness level accordingly.

“RPM saved my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I lost 94 pounds after my third child. My body is now toned, and my blood pressure returned to normal, ” says Anita Otana, 40.  “Karen and Cynthia gave me the hope I needed that I could lose the weight, the tools to exercise properly and to eat right, and the encouragement to push myself to achieve my goals.”

Bootcamp is challenging, but the best part is that each student is able to go at their own pace.   

Jeffrey Castellccio, who lost 50 pounds in ten weeks says he “swears by this place,” further emphasizing, “Karyn and Cynthia are the perfect combination, helping you get back into shape and taking control of your life again. Their passion for healthier living is nothing short of inspiring, infectious, and educational. You will meet many people in the same boat as you, and there is a built-in camaraderie and support system.”



Carter Higgins concurs. “They are undoing nearly 30 years of bad habits. It is truly stunning and overwhelming how they have changed my life. But now I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I feel kind of unstoppable. They inspire me, and it’s so amazing. I have lost over 80 pounds (and still counting) since I first walked in the door. I am smaller now and I feel incredible too.”

New this Fall:  “Mommy Bootcamp ” Tuesday – Thursday at 9:30am. If you  have young ones, drop them off at Froggy’s Arts and Crafts   (another “My Daily Find”) in North Hollywood just down the street. Call RPM or Froggy’s for more details.

RPM will be having an Open House this Saturday, September 12. There will be free classes all morning.  Go to  www.rpmfitnessstudio.com for the full Saturday schedule.   Special offers that day when you mention “My Daily Find.”

For a free consultation, class schedules or to find out when the next Bootcamp starts,  go to www.rpmfitnessstudio.com  or call 818-762-7746.  RPM Fitness Studio 4444 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 210 W. Toluca Lake, CA 91602 818-762-7746  

Susan Bogner is an avid and loyal RPM spinner for over seven years and a mother of two. She has been involved in the public schools for many years and is a jack of many trades. She is currently a marketing consultant, and is always looking for new clients.


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