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Celebrities find the same places we do! And we find them! Have any star sightings in the 818? Contact us!

Tell us who you saw! Here’s who we found…


Derek Fisher shopping at the Calabasas Commons Labor Day Weekend.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at The Counter in Studio City on a weekday evening. We’re told they are frequent customers.  

Also munching on burgers and fries a few days later on Labor Day evening, Scrubs’ Donald Faison and three friends, who just happened to sit down next to Jay Chandrasekhar  (“Supertrooper” and “I Love You, Man”) who was dining with his wife and toddler.

Cuba Gooding Jr. buying crickets with his kids at  Petco Studio City. The cashier said he was “sweet” to her.

J.K Simmons (the actor who played the dad in “Juno” and is currently in “Extract”) at the Sherman Oaks Arclight Saturday night watching “Extract” with what looked like friends and family.

Mark L Walhberg hitting golf balls  at Weddington Golf and Tennis (the talk show host, not the actor once known as Marky Mark).

Nathan Fillion (ABC’s “Castle”) riding his bike  shirtless on a Labor Day  in a  neighborhood south of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

Luke Perry at Starbucks at Vantage.

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