The Weekend Cocktail: The Fireman’s Sour

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gwen-headshot-110x110BY GWEN KENNEALLY

Having lived in Los Angeles for some time we get used to fire season but the Station Fire seemed like it was in my own backyard! I could see the flames from my balcony and I got used to waking to the low hum of the Super Scoopers while the ongoing sounds sirens were just a gentle reminder as to how close the fires were. At times the smoke was so thick I could not stand at the front of my car and see the back.

It made me think of all of the thousand of firefighters from across the state that showed up and under the worst of circumstances fought long and hard to put this fire out. I am so grateful to all of them! I wondered if there was a traditional cocktail to honor the brave men and woman that are in the fire service not just at great times of need, but all the time. I found a Fireman’s Sour. Originally made with grenadine I like this less sweet version made with a combination of cranberry and orange juice.

So I celebrate everyone who has worked on this fire and all fires. Thank you! Cheers


Fireman’s Sour

4-ounce Light Rum

4-ounces fresh Lime Juice

2 -ounces orange juice

2- ounces cranberry juice

2 -ounces Club Soda

Garnish: Cherry, Lemon Slice

Shake rum, limejuice, and grenadine in shaker with ice and strain into 2 highball glasses. Add the club soda and stir. Garnish with fruits. If you are not n the mood for alcohol simply leave out the rum and add an extra ounce each of the juices.

Gwen Kenneally is the owner of Back to the Kitchen, Full Service Catering and Party Planning. Check out her website and blog and She wrote for the Sun Community Newspapers.

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  • Rachel

    This sounds like a great recipe – for a great cause! Thanks for sharing!

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