Sherman Oaks’ Marcie D creates jewelry as personal art

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“Pliers just felt really good in my hands,” reflected Marcie Dietz, as she spoke about her discovery that creating jewelry had a surprisingly natural feel for her.

Dietz, whose career has taken her from working side by side with clothing designer Carole Little, to running her own professional organizing company, has now turned the reinvention wheel further with  B Jeweled by  Marcie D — her own line of handmade custom crafted jewelry.

Vintage Bronze and Amethyst necklace

A one-of-a-kind Marcie D piece — Amythest stones enhance this vintage bronze floral necklace that sits on a chunky antique bronze 7mm rolo chain. ($150)

“I went to a jewelry class at the [now closed] House of Beads and said ‘I’m going to make jewelry’. I just loved it.”

Jewelry has always been her passion.  “I’m a complete jewelry fanatic,” she said animatedly, sitting in the  kitchen of her Sherman Oaks home.

“I’ve always been a collector…whether it’s fine jewelry or costume,” but said the thought of creating it never occurred to her until she took a class.

M with Heart

Fine silver initial dog tag paired with 22k gold overlay heart medallion on sterling silver chain. Dog Tag and Chain ($125)22K gold overlay heart medallion ($45)

“First I started playing around with my jewelry and started remaking pieces,” said Dietz.  She said she started getting really serious by studying wirewrapping with Andrea Jones, owner of the Bead Lounge in Woodland Hills.

She then took a precious metal clay class and studied further with mentor Verda Fitzpatrick, who teaches at the Bead Lounge,  and ultimately received received a Precious Metal Certification (PMC).

The clay she uses comes from Japan and is .999 fine silver.


"Lovely Lady" 100% copper on 16" blackjack nickle 7mm rolo chain adorned with multi-color CZ stones (colors vary) ($130)

“It’s soft so you can do anything with it — mold it, stamp it, roll it, you name it.  Then you fire it in a kiln at 1650 degrees for two hours,” explained Dietz, who has her kiln at home. “When it comes out you have a finished piece of jewelry.”

Combining wirewrapping, beading and  clay brought her into a whole new world of jewelry making.

Sapphire earrings

Sterling Silver CZ French Wires with Vintage Sapphire Beads ($80)

Dietz’s collection consists of four eclectic types of jewelry: precious metal clay charms with and without gemstones; vintage pieces which she takes apart and resets; wirewrapping and beading; and semi-precious stones which she attaches to various pieces or creates an independent piece.   The first signature piece that put her on the map is the initial medallions made of metal clay.

“The beauty of my pieces is that no piece is exactly the same and I can make anything customized to a client’s specifications,” said Dietz, who is meticulous about clasps, how a piece hangs, and even how it lasts.  She’s devoted to the care of her clients’ purchased pieces and offers the opportunity to come back to have them “tumbled” for extra shine.

Sterling Heavy Link Bracelet with Rhinestone Ball Clasp

Sterling Heavy Link Bracelet with Rhinestone Ball Clasp ($155)

Her vintage pieces are uniquely one-of-a-kind because they are made from found pieces.

The metal clay pieces are completely handmade by Dietz and are individual works of art.

Each piece comes with a Marcie D charm that’s personalized on the back. She calls this the “flipside.”  Many of the pieces also come attached with some “bling,” as she says — shiny semi-precious stones. Deitz also creates commissioned pieces and will work with customers to create one-of-a-kind designs based on requests.

Copper Sunflower

100% Copper Sunflower sparkles with color, sitting beside a 3-D fine silver heart - attached on 40" of blackjack 7mm rolo chain Copper Sunflower on Rolo Chain ($150) with 3-D fine silver heart ($35)

Her forte is mixing metals. “I love to mix bronze, copper and silver together…I love the look of an explosion of metals,” said Dietz, who credits Carole Little with teaching her how colors work together.

Any given piece in the Marcie D collection makes a statement — whether  the look is funky, chunky, earthy, bling or vintage, Dietz’s uniquely designed pieces are imaginative, joyful and inspired — and cannot be ignored.

Marcie Dietz         Photo: Karen Young

Marcie Dietz Photo: Karen Young

B Jeweled by Marcie D is available online

Karen Young is the Editor/Publisher of My Daily Find

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  • Jackie Berner

    I LOVE Marci’s jewelry! Every single piece! She has such a unique eye.

  • Cantor Judy Greenfeld

    Marcy D’s jewelry is crafted in the most unique way. Marcy’s talent and jewelry is an extension of her heart. Every piece of jewelry is not only beautiful, but reflects the care and
    thought that went into its creation. There is always any interesting story that comes along with each piece, and you will find people stopping you;to not only view the dazzling work of art, but to listen to the story that came with it. Every time I wear her jewelry I feel a lift.

  • Katy Allgeyer

    Marcy’s jewelry is not only uniquely original and inspired, it’s also good feng shui. :)
    Feng Shui By Fishgirl

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