Rock n’ Roll Shoe and Handbag Repair in Sherman Oaks

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carole rosner90BY CAROLE ROSNER

It’s hard to imagine, but there’s a little shop in Sherman Oaks where Abbott & Costello, Doris Day and Rock Hudson have something in common with Rod Stewart, The Bee Gees, Sammy Hagar, Peter Frampton, Linda Ronstadt, Ozzy Osbourne and more.  This might seem like a stretch, but once you understand the history behind Eddie’s Shoe Repair/Eddie’s Rock and Sole Gallery, it all makes perfect sense.

Greg Papazian with his camera case covered with concert passes.  Photos: Courtesy Greg Papazian

Greg Papazian with his original camera case from the '70s covered with concert passes. Photos: Courtesy Greg Papazian

Eddie’s Shoe Repair is the San Fernando Valley’s oldest shoe repair store. Three generations of Papazian men have run this top-quality shoe and handbag repair shop —first it was Joseph, then his son, Eddie, and now Eddie’s son, Greg.

Before there was Royal Dutchess (formerly Studio City Camera Exchange, which opened in 1944), there was Joe’s Shoe Repair on the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Vantage Avenue in Studio City. Joseph Papazian ran the shop and his family lived behind the store. In 1946, Joe moved the shop to Sherman Oaks and renamed it Eddie’s Shoe Repair. The store’s been in the same location ever since.


Eddie’s Shoe & Handbag Repair AND Eddie’s Rock & Sole Gallery. Photo: Greg Papazian

Eddie’s Shoe Repair was, and continues to be, the go-to-fix-it-place for worn out shoes and handbags. Laurel & Hardy, Barbra Eden, Dyan Cannon and the cast of “Bonanza” have been customers. Eddie’s Shoe Repair fixes all types of shoes—from motorcycle boots to hand-sewn moccasins to Gucci pumps. Loyal clients from as far away as Europe and Asia mail their broken shoes to Eddie’s. Upscale department stores such as Desmond’s, Bullocks and I. Magnin, as well as the Sherman Oaks’ Macys and Bloomingdales, send their handbag repairs to Eddie’s.

“We maintain shoe collections,” stated Greg. The average price for a pair of shoes brought to Eddie’s is $300. “People are protecting their investment,” he said.

A popular service at Eddie’s is adding a red protective sole to the bottom of Christian Louboutin’s signature red soled shoes. Over time the soles get scuffed and battered and the bright red color fades. Greg describes this special service as “an insurance policy that pays off. You’ll never have to replace the soles again.”

Bee Gees 1973

Bee Gees 1973. Photo by Greg Papazian

Besides being an expert cobbler, Greg is a skilled photographer. Although dad Eddie taught son Greg the shoe business, it’s Greg’s love of rock and roll that brought him to photography. Greg started shooting rock legends in the early 1970’s as a hobby and as part-time work. His passion has grown into a fantastic collection of black and white photos of some of rock’s best from yesterday and today (including Rod Wood, Annie Lennox and Korn).

Eddie’s Rock & Sole Gallery opened in December 2008 in the same 1,000-square-foot space as the shoe repair shop. Greg does all the photography work himself, including the framing.

Annie Lennox 1983

Annie Lennox 1983. Photo by Greg Papazian

He most definitely has the talent to make anyone or anything look great—from a rock legend wearing a sequined spandex unitard to a pair of knee high, vintage boots.

Eddie’s Shoe & Handbag Repair AND Eddie’s Rock & Sole Gallery 13716 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 Ph: 818.789.1972 Hours: Tue-Friday: 7:30am-5pm, Saturday: 7:30am-4pm Sunday and Monday: Closed FREE parking in back Meters on the street

Sammy Hagar 2009

Sammy Hagar 2009 Photo by Greg Papazian

Carole Rosner is a native Valley Girl who has lived in Studio City for the past 11 years. She is a strong supporter of her local public schools and an active volunteer in her neighborhood. Some of her favorite things to do in Studio City are to celebrate 4th of July at CBS Radford, walk along Ventura Blvd. and browse through the racks at Crossroads Trading Company.

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  • Betsy Ceder

    This is so grat – I am always lamenting about not knowing a great shoe and handbag repair shop. I will go there pronto!

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