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sarahtohl90BY SARAH K. TOHL

If you’re running behind in your holiday shopping, don’t fear just yet.  Kingfisher Road , located in Woodland Hills on Topanga Canyon Boulevard (south)  is a one-of-a-kind boutique that carries a wide range of options for gifts year-round.  And this holiday season, owner Kelly Epstein offers a diverse selection of unique finds that will please people of all ages.

Kingfisher Road originally began as a small business Epstein ran outside of her home on a street called “Kingfisher Road.”  There, she mainly sold unique frames, gift boxes and other accessories.  As her business expanded, Epstein found herself ready to re-locate, and therefore established Kingfisher Road as a shop in 2004.

Kelly Epstein and crew.

Owner Kelly Epstein (middle) stands with two longtime employees: Sara Grimes (left), and Samantha Sowder (right)..

Now, five years later, Kingfisher Road offers a variety of gift items ranging from jewelry, candles and diffusers, to scarves, coffee-table books, and cards with inspirational messages.

“It’s hard to not find something in the store,” says Epstein.

Cards. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“Positively Green” cards with inspiration and meaning, $2.95 Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

As for selecting her merchandise, Epstein goes about this in several ways.  On most occasions, representatives from vendors in Los Angeles will contact her regarding items that may fit in with the ambiance of her store.  And many times, Epstein has been known to do business with local artists.


Voluspa Candles and gift sets (top): $16.50 - $42 Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“Whatever it is, I have to love it,” says Epstein.  “I think about my customers’ likes and dislikes, and try to do what’s classic and what works, rather than getting carried away with trends.”

Currently, “Trollbeads” is the number one selling line at Kingfisher Road.  According to Epstein, the company was founded in Denmark thirty years ago, and first became popular in the US on the East Coast.

Bracelets.  Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“Chan Luu” wrap bracelets start at $150. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“We’re the first store in LA to carry Trollbeads,” says Epstein.

The beads start at $23, and customers may choose to create either a bracelet or necklace, and personalize it by adding any combination of Trollbeads.

Baby stuff. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“We specialize in putting gifts together,” says Epstein. Baby gift baskets may include: a blanket, stuffed animal, and frame from a variety of vendors ranging from $50 - $80Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“Every story has a bead, and with Trollbeads you get to tell a story and find meaning in life,” says Epstein.  “If I hear laughter in the store, I know people are working with Trollbeads.”

Frames. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“Two’s Company” (top) frames: $25 - $80, “eye-bobs” glasses (bottom) are $65 each. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

Other popular lines include: “Life Is Good,” a clothing line, “Two’s Company” gift items that consist of frames, candles, and scarves, “THYMES,” bath and body products, and “Positively Green,” a line of cards that give inspiration and meaning.

“There is so much to choose from, and we really try to offer all price points,” says Epstein.

In fact, shoppers and all My Daily Find subscribers can participate in the “12 Days of Celebration,” a special offer that allows for 12% off all purchases (excluding Trollbeads) until December 23rd.

Store. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

My Daily Find subscribers can participate in the “12 Days of Celebration,” a special offer that allows for 12% off all purchases (excluding Trollbeads) until December 23. Photo: Sarah K. Tohl

“If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday gift, this is definitely the place to find it,” says Epstein.

Kingfisher Road, 4922 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364  (818) 887-1687

Sarah K. Tohl is a life-long Valley resident. She graduated Pitzer College in 2009 with a special major that combined the fields of writing and media studies, titled: “Verbal and Visual Languages.”

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  • Julie Caffey

    I always shop at Kingfisher Road. The owner, Kelly, has such an eye and the vibe there feels so cozy. Folks stop in not just to buy something but to connect. It’s a really special place. Good for you for finding it too!!

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