Skin Addiks relaxing and delicious facials with a personal touch

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It’s taken me three visits to confirm that Camille Fields’ Skin addiks facials in Studio City are truly the best I’ve had. Years ago, when I was an overpaid and self-indulgent single person, I spent a fortune pampering myself, but never, in all those years did I have a facial as sublime as Camille’s.

Skinaddiks' Camille Fields. Photos: Karen Young

I’ve been puzzling over what makes Camille’s treatments head and shoulders above the rest. Each of my treatments has been different, however the price has remained the same. There were no add-ons.

“Some businesses charge extra for each cream or service,” said Camille.  “My services are all inclusive. I believe in giving my client’s skin everything that it needs at that time…and educating clients…but I don’t want them to feel pressured to buying a product or treatment.”

Camille came from Claremont about a year ago. Her fans on Yelp are still yearning for her return — their loss is our gain,

Skin addiks treatments feature beautifully scented Epicuren unguents to restore and heal damaged skin. Epicuren products were originally developed by doctor/bio-pharmcist/chemists for burns and are made from fresh herbal and plant extracts, as well as naturally active enzymes, alpha-hydrodxy acids and antioxidant vitamins.  In addition to these creams, a facial may also consist of LED light therapy, or Clarisonic therapy to help regenerate your skin cells as well. An unexpected bonus was a glorious foot massage at the end of my facial. Now that’s bliss.

Epicuren unguents to restore and heal damaged skin.

Her  $75  60 minute Sircuit Facials are truly as delicious as they sound: Cocktail Vermouth,  Apple-a-la-Tart, Mocha Loca, Skin O’Lisicous, Chip Dip, Basaki Cool Lychee Wa.   Specialty facials at $95 include On the Rocks, Skin Couture and Epicuren Enzyme.  Camille can tell you which is best for your skin needs.

Camille brings a calm and tranquility into her treatment room. Her long thin fingers wisked all my worries away as I wandered in and out of sleep. I wondered why I had ever spent time and money on Reiki, and what had ever drawn me to spend all that money in other spas.

Relaxing treatment room.

Camille is passionate about her work — as a business woman, wife and mom of three, she knows how important it is to take a bit of affordable time to yourself.

“That little bit of time makes us better wives and mothers,”  she said.

Skinaddiks Skin Care Studio 12265 Ventura Blvd. #205
 Studio City, CA 91604
 818.212.8780  for a full list of services.  At Laurelgrove and Ventura upstairs in the CPK center.

Martha Bissell is a wife, mother, artist, and passionate citizen of the world.

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  • robin bender

    I have had her facial before– it was absolutely fabulous and I strongly recommend her!

  • L.R. Wehrli

    The link to her website is not working.

  • Lisa H.

    Martha, your marvelous article makes me want to run out to get a facial from her RIGHT NOW! In fact, I think I will…well, I’ll call first… Great find!

  • bj hegedus

    Martha- great article! Am definitely going to check it out- your discriptive attention to detail makes this facial sound like pure bliss- I’m puting it high on my to-do- list

  • Gina

    wow-great find!

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