French macarons are the new cupcake and Belwood Bakery has them

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Macarons are being touted in food circles as the new cupcake. No, not the chewy coconut variety. This macaron (pronounced mack-ah-rohn) is the French confection — the dainty little sandwich cookie that comes in myriad of colors.

French Macarons...joie de vivre. Photos by Karen Young

What originated in Italy in the 8th century, and brought to France during the 16th century by Catherine de Medici for her wedding to the future Henry II, and later perfected in mid- 20th century France, is now causing quite the sudden rage in the U.S. — and not to be outdone, the San Fernando Valley.

Belwood Bakery, a Studio City boulangerie and patisserie, is the only place I’ve seen them baked fresh in the 818 so far. And no, those you may have seen packaged at Starbucks simply don’t count.

Tina Luu, a baker at Belwood, introduced macarons to the shop last winter and is responsible for baking them weekly — or more depending on the demand.

Belwood has 22 flavors.

More like tiny little pastries, than cookies, macarons are filled with ganache, buttercream or jelly. They have a little crunch on the outside and are soft on the inside. Made with sugar, egg whites and almond meal, macarons are similar to a meringue. In order for the full flavor to come out, macarons are made, frozen for a day or two and then set out at room temperature.  They are not meant to have a long shelf life.

Belwood carries 22 flavors, including raspberry with chocolate raspberry ganache (my personal fave), lavendar with lavender buttercream, rose with lemon buttercream, chocolate with chocolate ganache, black sesame with sesame buttercream, pistachio and buttercream, earl grey with lemon buttercream, green tea with green tea wheatgrass buttercream and anise with buttercream.

Fresh bread baked daily.

If you want a certain flavor, go ahead and ask. They recently made a Peanut Butter and Jelly macaron per a customer’s request.

At $1.50 each, macarons are not inexpensive — think of them as a little decadent treat to be savored, served with tea or coffee, or to bring back the memory of a certain time you enjoyed at a Parisian cafe’.

And while you are at Belwood, be sure to note the fresh bread (the ciabatta and egg challah are my favorites), as well as the wonderful cakes, pastries and mini-scones.

A beautiful and delicious selection of pastries, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches, salads and more.

Hungry for lunch or breakfast? Check out the made-to-order sandwiches (tuna, turkey, roast beef, rosemary chicken $6.85-$7.85), salads, and omelets. I’m pretty much crazy about the sandwiches. They are simple, crisp and fresh.  Salads at $5.50 are plentiful and well priced.

The 818 is a long way from France, but with good bread and the sweetness of a macaron, we certainly can dream, can’t we?

Belwood Bakery 12634 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City - (818) 755-8853 (in the Coldwater Curve between Coldwater and Whitsett). Counter service with a handful of tables inside and outside

Karen Young is the Editor/Publisher of My Daily Find.

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About Karen Young

Karen Young is the founder of My Daily Find.

  • L.R. Wehrli

    I’m so excited that I can get macarons locally. The only other place I know that would make them fresh was a bakery in Beverly Hills. I’m going to serve them at an upcoming brunch, now. Thanks for the tip.

  • Lucille

    wow… how amazing!!! love your post! and of course the yummy macarons… i think i’ll also opt for the raspberry ganache!

  • Jo Perry

    Tested these today: The flavors are delicate and true and the texture is perfect. We tried raspberry, peanut butter and jelly, apricot, and orange. Thanks for delicious FIND!

  • Joey Kriovan

    I tried macarons at Paris France and they are no match for these here macarons in belwood. Tina had made my day by making me these delicate little yum yums! THANK YOU!

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