The Weekend Cocktail: How to Make a Triple Chocolate Kiss

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What a wonderful birthday week I am having! It is an amazing time to remember all of my great friends, family and how rich, full and beautiful my life is! I am so grateful to everyone who has made my time of celebration so meaningful!

There was a playful debate amongst my friends and colleagues about what cake a chef such as myself would want to celebrate such an occasion. Those who know me best would guess correctly that it would be anything creamy, not too sweet and made with lots of chocolate!

I have had two cakes so far (the week is not over!) The first a Red Velvet Cake from Sweet Lady Jane in West Hollywood and a Tiramisu Cake made by pastry chef Rafe at Café Aldente in Studio City! Both are something you must try, as they are the best in their category.

While I like to celebrate with a nice glass of champagne, I am a firm believer that a girl can’t have too much chocolate. I looked for a chocolate cocktail to complement my special week and found this delicious concoction that I named a Triple Chocolate Kiss. Cream de cacao is old standard liquor. Vincent Van Gogh Vodka Dutch Chocolate is one of the yummiest flavor infused alcohols I have ever tasted! Available at:

The garnish, cholive,  is not really a chocolate covered olive, but merely a chocolate truffle on a very pretty cocktail stick. So the next time that you want to celebrate someone very special I highly recommend this very decadent cocktail dessert!

Triple Chocolate Kiss

1-ounce crème de cacao

3 ounces Vincent Van Gogh Vodka Dutch Chocolate

Image shown may not reflect the same size as the product listed

Vincent Van Gogh Vodka Dutch Chocolate

Garnish with cholive.

Mix vodka and crème de cacao over ice in a shaker. Strain into two martini glasses and garnish with a cholive.

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