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Wine, Sex and Greek Tragedy: Lascivious Something at The Ford

Posted By Karen Young On April 26, 2010 @ 11:16 pm In Arts & Culture,Featured,My Daily Find,spotlight,Theater | 1 Comment


Playwright Shelia Callaghan, a ballsy yarn spinner, is a good fit for Circle X Theatre Company, the risk-inclined theatre company in residence at Inside the Ford. Witness proof of the perfect pairing: “Lascivious Something,” a steamy play full of sexual tension, startling storytelling and elements of Greek tragedy swirling around in the messy mix.

Ronald Reagan has just been elected President. August (Silas Weir Mitchell) has given up his California lifestyle of political protest and left wing politics to make wine in Greece. Fitting in perfectly with his new grape-centric life is Daphne (Olivia Henry), August’s young wife, who tends to the bed and breakfast the couple owns when she’s not working on her second job, looking gorgeous for her American husband. Liza (Alina Phelan) shows up at the couple’s home, at first making nice with Daphne, but soon revealing she’s an old flame of August’s. Thus begins a lusty love triangle, one that has a forth player from time to time, a Boy (Alana Dietze) who’s really a girl. Boy is playing along with the gender-bending ruse created by August and Daphne so the latter can reap sexual fulfillment from the fairer sex.

As the women vie for August’s affections, Liza reveals a secret that’s the stuff of Greek tragedy.

Violence and lust play out in a smattering of scenes that reveal the dark depths of these characters, then the scenes rewind and play again, offering a more polite, socially acceptable rendering of the unruly interior monologues. In the able hands of Callaghan, the device unearths gloriously raw, primal emotional states.

The actors dig into the delicious script like a pack of dogs tussling over a fresh slab of meat. It’s great fun to watch them tear it up.

Director Paul Willis keeps the talented cast focused on clear intentions, and Sibyl Wickersheimer’s has its very own soul.

Through May 1, Inside the Ford, 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East. Call (323) 461-3673. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by visiting www.fordtheatres.org

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