The Weekend Cocktail: A recipe in honor of an old furry friend

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Last week my sweet 18-year-old puppy, Vera Beatrice, passed away in my arms. She was born in January 1992 and my vet rescued her. He called us and said that he had our 5-year-old dog Puccini’s little sister and that she needed a family. I fell in love with her instantaneously and brought home a wild, crazy puppy. She was a constant ball of energy and chewed a few of my favorite shoes, dug a hole in my Shabby Chic sofa and pinched a few chicken breasts off a Caesar Salad. She calmed a bit with age, but when I discovered that I was pregnant with my now 14-year-old daughter I was a little concerned about my ability to handle a 4-year-old puppy full of energy and a new baby. She could sense my apprehension and as my maternal instincts kicked in, so did Vera’s.

The next phase of her life she became mama bear to all of the children who came into my home. She let the toddlers dress her up in Disney princess costumes and she was the first one there to comfort any childhood bumps and bruises. As she matured she taught me great lessons on the art of growing old gracefully. Up until about six months ago she was still pulling me up Fryman Canyon and then she slowed down. My friend Dave Swan came for a visit and while he hung out with her he got teary eyed and said, “ I just love listening to the sound of old dogs breathing.” I really started listening and from that moment on the sound of her breathing calmed me, gave me great joy, and allowed me to connect with her in a very different way. No longer were we doing activities together, we were just being together.

While I still have a heavy heart,  I can feel the years of unconditional love and  her boundless energy as she is running around with Puccini and all of her dog park buddies in that big dog park in the sky! I am certain that all dogs go to heaven and today I celebrate my little old lady dog with a little old lady cocktail. Enjoy a batch, toast Vera and be sure to give extra hugs to your furry friends!

Vera’s Little Old Lady Cocktail

3 ounces London Dry Gin

1 ounce Crème de Cassis

1 ounce Johnnie Walker® Black Label Scotch Whisky

Dash egg white

Shake the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker 3/4 filled with ice. Strain into two Champagne glasses, garnish with a pretty edible flowers or a cherry and serve!

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