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Bentley's Bandstand: Carlou D's Muzikr

Posted By Karen Young On August 10, 2010 @ 11:34 pm In Arts & Culture,Music | No Comments


Carlou D, Muzikr, World Village Records

So often the best music sounds like nursery rhymes for adults. No matter what language they use, some singers are able to go immediately deep inside us without hardly trying. They have instant access to the soul, whether through a connection of their own or possibly a belief system that taps them in. They way they get there, and take us with them, borders on the mystical.

Carlou D definitely is riding a spiritual bullet train. He began in Senegal’s hip-hop world in the ’90s, and steadily found himself under the pull of the Sufi Islamic chants of Cheikh Ibra Fall’s followers. What a glorious sound it is too, with the feeling of a rising tide coming from the vocalists and musicians, sweeping listeners up in the glory of belief.

Recorded in Dakar, Carlou D is the perfect person to open a door into songs that offer hope and happiness. He is aware of modern rhythmic methods, and is not shy about using them in a traditional setting. But that’s only the beginning. Where he goes from there on songs like “Nanioul,” “Yaay Fall” and “Goree,” featuring special guest Youssou N’Dour, is where the wonder lives.

One listen and it’s obvious this is a young man who has found the secret of sound. There are people who purify the soul with their music, and consider anything less a distraction at best. World music is a never-ending gift, and when a new classic like Muzikr comes along it is cause for celebration. Carlou D is a man without boundaries offering a unique and exciting path to a new land. Follow his light.

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