The Weekend Cocktail: Almost Autumn with the Pear Martini

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I thought that we would be going into an Indian summer this week, but with the southern California drizzle and overcast I would say autumn has arrived! Like a wonderful, crisp fall day this martini takes advantage of the pear harvest that is showing up in abundance at markets everywhere. You can buy pear juice or you can make your own. The pear juice is wonderful on its own if you don’t feel like the alcohol. This week we celebrate autumn and all of its richness and colors, but who knows what season we will be in next week! Cheers!

Pear Martini

1 lemon or lime wedge

4 ounces pear juice

2 ounces Pear Vodka

Sugar, for rim of glass

Pear slices for garnish

Chill two martini glasses. Place sugar on a plate. Dampen the rim of the glass using the lemon wedge and dip into sugar to coat. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine pear juice and vodka. Cover and shake. Strain into prepared glasses. Garnish with pear slices!

Fresh Pear Juice

5 Pears

3 cups water

½ Granulated Sugar

Juice of one large Lemon

Select very ripe fruit. Peel and core pears. In a food processor crush pears. In a saucepan combine crushed pears with water and place on stove. Slowly heat to a simmer. Let cool down for a few minutes and press through a fine sieve. Add sugar and lemon juice bring to a light boil. Pour into a glass bottle and allow to cool.

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