Old world style meets modern, healthy cooking at Artizan Pizza Kitchen

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When I heard about a brand new pizza kitchen with locally grown, seasonal ingredients using descriptions like free range organic, nitrate free, soy cheese available and no GMO’s, I had to try it. I grabbed a friend for lunch, set the GPS and drove until the voice announced I had arrived at my location. Looking around I saw nothing but a tiny strip mall and a gas station — until my friend spotted it at the end of the strip mall. Making a U, we turned to park, pondering why we made this effort.

Margherita Pizza PHOTOS: KAREN YOUNG

But as I’ve declared lately — the best food finds seem to be in strip malls — and this is another spot that proves it.

Artizan Pizza Kitchen is located on Burbank Blvd, just east of Colfax and west of the North Hollywood Police Department. It’s a rather mod, yet tiny (I mean, tiny!) counter service eatery with red stools, black walls, flat metal trims, window counter seating and a few small tables outside (none inside). That’s it.

Order at the counter. There's stool seating inside for about 12 and a few tables outside. There are no tables inside.

The specialty of the house is the Artizan Pizza which is made in a wood-fired, stone oven — handmade dough that is hand-stretched, made-to-order, very thin in the center with a wonderfully rustic, bubbly, crackly crust. We shared the basic Margherita with tomato, fresh basil and black olives. The flavors of each ingredient stood out in every bite. The edges looked a little dark, but didn’t taste burned, and only added to the taste and texture. There are 12 types of pizza with such ingredients as shrimp scampi, sausage, bbq free range organic chicken, arugula, spinach, burrata and scallops. Pizza is available in three sizes ($6.95-$17.95).

Butternut Squash Soup

If you don’t want pizza, there is a very eclectic menu with healthy choices of pastas, wraps, soups, salads and seafood entrees (including Grilled Ahi, Wild Caught Ono, Spicy Cayenne Sole and a Steamed Seafood Plate). Since everything sounded so good,  it was difficult to choose what else to order. We finally decided on the Butternut Squash soup which was topped with sprinkling of roasted pecans and sour cream (6.95). It’s a smooth, sweet, fresh tasting soup, and in this rendition, was not made with cream, but it can differ according to the chef who cooks it on a particular day.

Organic Citrus Chicken Salad

Last we had the Citrus Organic Chicken Salad which was beautifully prepared and consisted of chicken, raisins, fresh orange, roasted pecans on top of organic mixed greens with a citrus dressing. The vegetables were crisp; the chicken tangy, tender and flavorful; the dressing sweet and light.

Located at the end of a strip mall on Burbank just east of Colfax.

Artizan Pizza Kitchen is the kind of place you wish was down the street from you.  The good news is that they do deliver.  They say four miles, but since they are in the opening stages, it won’t hurt to ask how far they’ll go.

Artizan Pizza Company 11672 Burbank Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601   (818) 508-8680,  (818) 508-8298. Open 11am -2am daily. Closed on major holidays. Pizza ($6.95-$17.95), Salad (available in 1/2 orders $4.95-$12.95), Apps ($6.95-$8.95), Soup ($6.95), Wraps ($8.95-$9.95), Pasta (available in 1/2 orders $7.95-$13.95), Entrees($9.95-$14.95).

Karen Young is the Founder/Editor of My Daily Find. Got something to say? Email: karen@mydailyfind.com

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About Karen Young

Karen Young is the founder of My Daily Find.

  • http://www.marymcgrathphotography.com Mary McGrath

    You make any restaurant look delicious!

  • http://www.americanfeast.com/home.php Jeff Deasy

    Butternut Squash Soup & Margherita Pizza sounds like a perfect meal!

  • Paula Humerick

    Looks yummy. Wonder if they’re willing to accomodate the gluten-free customer with the appropriate dough? They’re right up the street from me; I think I’ll ask.

    • http://www.pastimesinc.com L.R. Wehrli

      Yes, please post your findings. I’m interested in gluten-free too. Much obliged.

    • Cesar Ontiveros

      In regards to the frequent questions that we get about gluten-free dough, this is the OFFICIAL ANSWER. I am one of the chefs there @ Artizan Pizza Kitchen & we are ACTUALLY still developing a dough recipe that has no gluten in it. It’s still pretty far from what we want it to be, so as soon as it meets our standards, we will have it available in our kitchen.

      But for now, PLEASE feel free to stop in & order anything U want from our menu, or feel free to place an order from the comfort of hour home or office & we’ll be glad to take it to you.

      Thanks alot for your business !!!!

  • http://www.silentbodyguard.com Jo Perry

    This is fantastic! Thanks for this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HighBar#!/pages/Artizan-Pizza-Kitchen/114866098564197 Stanton Cruse

    Thank you so much for the awesome review Karen! I am one of the owners. We are working on a Gluten-Free dough. We want to make sure it is as good as it can possibly be before introducing it to the public!

  • Ria

    Karen and her guest were delightful customers. I had alot of fun preparing lunch for them and had a nice chat with them after their meal. It was a pleasure. Thank you for your inquiries regarding the gluten free dough. We are researching recipes at this time and trying to see if we can come up with the perfect one. Please keep checking back with us as we hope to have one soon. Thanks again, Karen.

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