Lobsta Truck: Rolling a taste of the eastern seaboard to the streets

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One of the newest gourmet food trucks to roll out is the Lobsta Truck. That’s right, hook on to that New England accent — lob-stah. I’d heard the lines were long, so I was prepared to wait. Fortunately, the day I caught up with it there was virtually no line. I just waited for my favorite truck buddy, my teen daughter, to get home from an early day from school, to hit it at Radford Avenue is Studio City.

Lobster meat is cracked in the truck from fresh lobster tails and claws. Choose your roll to be mixed with either melted butter or mayo. The butter version is seen above. Photos: Karen Young

The menu is simple, consisting of Lobster Roll ($11), Crab Roll ($9), New England Clam Chowder ($3.50 and $6) and a Whoopie Pie ($4). We ordered one of each of the sandwich rolls. There’s a choice of melted butter or mayo to mix in. Thinking traditionally we got the butter with lobster and the crab with mayo. We also ordered one small clam chowder to share. They were out of Whoopie Pies that day…bummer.

Also available are Cape Cod chips, freshly made lemonade and a selection of sodas with a New England vibe.

Our order appeared within minutes. We then scrambled into the car to take cover from the rainy day, eating (or perhaps devouring) our meal across the car’s middle console. The rolls are not large, probably about six inches long, but packed with seafood. Figure a bite an inch, give or take, so six-ish bites and you’re done— but what mouth watering bites they are. More please.

The lobster roll is filled with juicy, tender fresh lobster meat from tails and claws which are cracked and prepared inside the truck. It’s lightly dressed in butter and that’s all. I’ve had lobster rolls before that add a bit of celery for texture, but it’s not really necessary. The crab roll is packed, and again, lightly dressed with mayo, so you barely know it’s there. The bread on both is softly toasted and buttered. We were told that they have it specially imported from New England so it’s an authentic roll.

Fresh crab with mayo.

While we enjoyed the crab roll, we LOVED the lobster roll. The crab roll seemed like it could use a dash of seasoning. Since we tried both rolls at the same time, perhaps the sweetness of the lobster overshadowed the crab.

The chowder was steaming hot, so we held it to the end. I’m not usually a fan of New England chowder locally because it’s usually thick and gummy and heavy on potato and light on clams. Not so at the Lobster Truck. Ours was packed with clams, and although rich, did not have that heavy corn syrup texture.

Considering that it is  a truck and for the size of the roll, the food is on the pricier side, but if you’ve ever had a lobster roll in Los Angeles at Hungry Cat or Blue Plate Oysterette, you know that they cost about $23 (including a side of chips or fries). I can say that I enjoyed this lobster roll every bit a much as the one I had at Hungry Cat. It’s also just as good as the ones I had in Cape Cod. Although it is a good price compared to restaurants,  since it’s a truck, I do wish they could throw in a drink, or make it $2 more for a soup/roll combo.

But, now that I’ve got the taste lingering, I just long for one of those lobster and crab shacks found on the side of the road in New England. I guess until I can get there, the Lobsta Truck is definitely a good fix.

To find the daily whereabouts of the Lobsta Truck, go to www.lobstatruck.com

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Karen Young is the founder of My Daily Find.

  • http://www.jenevansgardner.com Jennifer

    Three words… Oh. My. Gawwwwwwwd.
    Okay, more words: I am so there. Thanks for this article!

  • Karen

    Like the accent!:)

  • Sheri Goldberg

    This is so great! I only found a great lobster roll at Nememsha in Venice years ago – I think they are closed – and never thought I would find one in SoCal again! I will be checking their daily schedule. Can’t wait to try it!

  • Sheri Goldberg

    Wow! I never thought I would find a lobster roll like they have in New England here in LA. Years ago a restaurant in Venice – Nememsha – served wonderful lobster rolls, but they closed I think. Thanks so much for the tip. Can’t wait to try one. I’ll be checking their whereabouts.


    • Melissa

      If only it brought Cape Cod with it :)

  • http://www.sensoryedge.com Alycia

    Lobstah! I love lobstah… The idea of gourmet trucks is so cool. I guess they can’t be called roach coaches anymore.

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