Suck It Sweets and Treats Opens in Studio City

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Kaileigh Brielle is a self professed foodie who loves sweets. The only problem is that she lives on a gluten-free diet and most desserts are gluten-rich.  So, what’s a girl to do when she wants to have sweets available at her fingertips?  Open her own shop, of course.

Owner Kaileigh Brielle. Photos: Karen Young

Brielle’s Suck It Sweets and Treats, which she describes as a gourmet ice pop shop,  opened this past weekend in Studio City’s quaint Tujunga Village.

The interior design is a combination of old fashioned candy shop, pub and French brasserie. There are a couple french signs, movie seats and a large film reel mixed with colorful antique look bottles and cake plates. Large photos of Brielle’s dogs’ faces are encased in white vintage look frames. The garden area through the back is a little idyllic oasis filled with vintage tables, a wall of doors, an herb garden and a little fountain. It’s all a tribute to the important elements in her life — years living in France, studying at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, animal rescue, and her college film studies.

Sucksicles are gourmet, gluten-free treats.

Also prominent are a couple of framed congratulatory notes from locals as well as others admonishing her for the name of her store (which the anonymous accusers charge as tasteless) that she takes in stride.

“The name of the store came from the sweet treet I was making. Popsicle is a brand, so I had to come up with something else,” explains Brielle.

Suck It’s centerpiece sweet is the Sucksicle — created by Brielle. Showcased in a glass front freezer, they are handmade, homemade, fruit based frozen desserts  on a stick.  Opening flavors include Mexican chocolate, watermelon, coconut, cantaloupe, cantaloupe-basil, pineapple-chili, apple cider and white grape. Coming. She’s working on other flavors, such as strawberry rhubarb, lavender lemonade, chai, caramelized banana and cinnamon, pina colada and a version of the middle eastern Shirazi salad, made with tomato, cucumber and lime.

Pecan Pie.

All Sucksicles are vegetarian with most being dairy free and vegan.  Brielle says that the flavors will change seasonally according to what she finds fresh at the market.

Other sweets at Suck It are baked goods and select candy, such as raw chocolate truffles.  Soon to arrive are gluten-free treats for dogs. Although Brielle is a trained pastry chef,  she is leaving the baking to others since she doesn’t have the facility to bake on site.

“I’ve eaten my way through Los Angeles to find the best baked goods,”  she says with a smile.

Brielle says she wants to support local bakers so she found a few nearby for cookies, cakes and tarts.   Also on the menu in the near future is Raspado — mexican shaved ice with natural fruit flavoring mixed with fresh fruit chunks.

Enjoy your treats on the back patio.

As foot traffic grows, Brielle says she will add to her sweet inventory. In the meantime, she hopes that people will come in and feel good about what they are eating. And if they don’t like the sign? Well, they can, you know, Suck It…who knows…they may just like it.

Sucksicles ($3-$4), Baked Goods and Candy ($3-$8), Special Orders welcome. Suck It Sweets and Treats, 4361 1/2 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, (818) 980-SUCK. Open Tuesday-Sunday.  Closed Monday.

Karen Young is the Founder/Editor of MY DAILY FIND. Email
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About Karen Young

Karen Young is the founder of My Daily Find.

  • Ana

    So unbelievably good! I feel bad for those who trash the name…never judge a book by its cover! This is an amazing find that should never be missed. I visited over the weekend and fell in love…my favs so far – Mexican Hot Chocolate with Toasted Almonds and dash of Cayenne Pepper as well as the Pineapple with Chilli!

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