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This is an update about one of My Daily Find’s favorite finds, Skin Addiks Skincare Studio, which was first featured in early 2010.  Since then, owner Camille Fields has moved to a new location just east of Laurel Canyon in Studio City — offering unique, innovative treatments—plus, she’s giving 20% off a 90 minute facial for new clients from MDF (just so you can discover that all facials, or estheticians, are not alike).

Skin Addiks' Camille Fields Photos: Karen Young

Fields shares space with other skin and body specialists in the office, but each one is a sole proprietor.  Her cozy “room” is self contained with a comfortable treatment table surrounded by sterilized state-of-the-art equipment and elite skin products.

What impresses me most about Fields, aside from her incredibly gentle nature and soothing touch, is an ongoing devotion to educating herself about the latest techniques.  When I visited with her, she  had just returned from a four-day advanced seminar about manual lymphatic drainage—sounds funky, I know, but it’s a gentle results driven massage technique that encourages fluid circulation and cell regeneration.

In sync with her evolving education, Fields has also added to the type of facials she gives according to what she has learned to be most effective.  Clarity is recommended for acne and rosacea, while the Transformation facial puts more of an emphasis on anti-aging.  These treatments are 90 minutes each and combine innovative technologies, such as LED Lights (with customized light levels for various skin conditions), ultrasonic exfoliations, micro-currents, manual lymphatic drainage and muscle sculpting deep tissue facial work.

She is also one of the only local estheticians to use bovine stem cells, which she says have an “amazing reparative and regenerative effect on human skin cells.”  This treatment is used with the Metamorphis facial which she describes as an “intense anti-aging treatment that significantly hydrates and firms the skin.”

Fields says she is most excited about her work with micro-currents which have been proven to be effective in  lieu of botox or as a corrective procedure for muscles that have been atrophied because of botox.

Fields’ treatments feature beautifully scented Epicuren lotions and creams to restore and heal damaged skin. Epicuren products were originally developed by doctor/bio-pharmcist/chemists for burns and are made from fresh herbal and plant extracts, as well as naturally active enzymes, alpha-hydrodxy acids and antioxidant vitamins.  She sells products as well, but never pushes them on the client.

All facials include a gentle sircuit peel, sage and lavender soaked warm towels, deep pore cleansing, thorough extractions of all impurities, a mask for purifying, calming, hydrating or firming, a neck and shoulder massage using essential oils, and a foot massage with a pedicure balm.

Since her facials are not in the “one fits all” model, explain  your skin concerns  and she’ll make sure that she performs the best facial for you.

“Each time I do a facial, it is tailored to the individual client’s need at the moment,” offers Fields. “After doing this for 16 years, my passion is the ability to use non-invasive technology to change the skin…that is most exciting.”

Skin Addiks Skin Care Studio, 11950  Ventura Blvd.,Studio City, Suite 4, (818)212.8780. By Appointment Only. Parking behind building.  20% off a 90 minute facial for new clients for MDF readers.

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