Kids’ Book Corner: Cool Classics for Summer

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BY JO PERRY It’s a fact: Kids who don’t read enough during the summer return to school worse at reading than when they left in June. Kids who struggle with reading suffer even more serious losses. But literacy experts have discovered that if … [Read more...]

Kids’ Book Corner: Books for Kids, Dads and Special Guys

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BY JO PERRY “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.”  – James Russell Lowell Jacaranda blossoms decorate the sidewalks like confetti from an all purple parade. School’s out or will be over soon. The … [Read more...]

Kids’ Book Corner: Mom & Me Books

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BY JO PERRY What better way to share the love on Mother’s Day than by reading with children? I’ve chosen books that will inspire memorable mom & me projects: Visiting farmers’ markets, knitting, baking and sandwich making. For those of … [Read more...]

Kids Book Corner: Books Full of Fun and Surprise for Spring

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BY JO PERRY Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise!
- Wallace Stevens April should be silly and full of surprises—just like these books: Children 3 and up will admire Larf, Ashley Spires’s solitary, shy, vegetarian … [Read more...]

Kids’ Book Corner: Reading Wild

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BY JO PERRY “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert Einstein Have you noticed? Nature is disappearing from children’s picture books: A recent study of illustrated award-winning children’s books … [Read more...]

Kids’ Book Corner: Get Involved in the Great Backyard Bird Count This Weekend with Books for the Birds

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About Birds

BY JO PERRY A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song. ~Chinese Proverb I’ve always felt that childhood and flight are connected: for children everything is possible and imagination and the body … [Read more...]

Girlfriend 911: A Relationship Bible No Woman Should Be Without

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BY LINDA ARROZ After ten years of helping her girlfriends and their girlfriends with all sorts of dating and relationship advice, San Fernando Valley resident, Jacquee Kahn, a relationship expert and dating coach, decided to write it all down. … [Read more...]

Kids Book Corner: A Fresh Start to Reading in 2012

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BY JO PERRY “...I'll continue to see things as a child. It's not so far to fall.”― Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth There are always loose ends, aren’t there? Second thoughts, changes of mind. And never a completely tidy ending … [Read more...]

Kids’ Book Corner: Holiday Books (and Bookshelves)

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BY JO PERRY “I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.” ~ Anna Quindlen This month I give you books that will bring joy this holiday season, books … [Read more...]

Kid’s Book Corner Books to Give, Books to Love

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BY JO PERRY Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them. ~Arnold Lobel If you want your children to love reading, show them that … [Read more...]