Gourmet Dining For Less: Ramsey’s at the Club

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BY ALISON FREEBAIRN-SMITH Excessive holiday eating and spending has led many of us to tighten our wallets and watch our diets,  so we’re eating more meals at home. But, what if I told you I know a place where you can dine in style, eat gourmet … [Read more...]

Charlie’s Pantry: A New Gourmet Eatery and Market Takes Root in the 818

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BY KAREN YOUNG The long wait is over. Charlie’s Pantry quietly opened its doors last Thursday. Located in Studio City underneath California Pizza Kitchen, this new eatery is a welcome addition to the 818. Similar to Sweet Butter, Sweetsalt … [Read more...]

Olive & Thyme: A Gourmet Marketplace and Cafe takes root in Toluca Lake

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BY KAREN YOUNG Another sign that the city food vibe is now filtering to the Valley is the opening of Olive & Thyme in Toluca Lake.  For years, many of us valley-ites have previously had to take a trip over the hill for a gourmet … [Read more...]

Now Open: Sweet Butter Kitchen, Cafe and Market — How Sweet It Is

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Sweet Butter owner Leslie Danielan and her "brown haired girls" — as she has coined the group name of her chefs. Photos: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG As I entered Sweet Butter Kitchen, Cafe' and Market, I passed an outdoor pillowed sitting area through open wrought iron gates and an herb garden, to a patio courtyard with tables leading into a small café and marketplace. And for an … [Read more...]

Old world style meets modern, healthy cooking at Artizan Pizza Kitchen

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Margherita Pizza  PHOTOS: KAREN YOUNG

BY KAREN YOUNG When I heard about a brand new pizza kitchen with locally grown, seasonal ingredients using descriptions like free range organic, nitrate free, soy cheese available and no GMO’s, I had to try it. I grabbed a friend for lunch, set … [Read more...]

SunPower Natural Cafe: A vegetarian restaurant that carnivores enjoy

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BY CAROLE ROSNER This summer, my family became vegetarian. As the main chef in the house, I dug through countless vegetarian cookbooks and googled a huge amount of on-line recipes to find meat-free entrees and healthful side dishes. After three long … [Read more...]

Tony's Darts Away: The ultimate dive bar with a twist

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Bringing the cool to Burbank.  Photos: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG What if I told you that there is a  dive bar with free wi-fi serving a partial vegan menu with the world’s most addictive potato chips, insanely good sweet potato fries, delicious sausages and some of the best California craft beer … [Read more...]

Vegan Gourmet Organic "Nice Cream" opens in the 818

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Co-owners Shellie, Mollie and Mimi.  Photo: Nice Ice Cream

BY CAROLE ROSNER If you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just craving a delicious frozen dessert, there’s a brand new place to satisfy your sweet palate. I can’t eat dairy products, so I always settle for a lemon sorbet while others around me … [Read more...]

The quest for the perfect salad dressings solved

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Health Nut House Dressing $5.95 16 oz.

BY KAREN YOUNG Finding the perfect salad dressing is not an easy task. It has to be flavorful without being overpowering, delicate yet zesty , natural without preservatives, and of course,  popping  with that real homemade taste. After getting … [Read more...]

Urban Salad Bar: A lunch spot that’s quick, reasonable and healthy

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The salad bar is fresh with unique salads and sides. Photos: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG Urban Salad Bar is what I consider one of those great “stumble upons.” As in, I literally stumbled upon it after shopping at Blush Boutique at Encino Place. Since I don’t live in the neighborhood, this was a teeny bit of a … [Read more...]