Restaurant Review: Ramen Jinya — An authentic noodle house hits the 818

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Jinya Ramen

BY KAREN YOUNG I have to preface this article with a disclaimer: I am not a ramen expert, nor do I know much about ramen noodles or the many types of Japanese noodles in general. Ramen experts pride themselves on being a unique group — like a … [Read more...]

QBowl: Quality Teriyaki Bowl for a fresh, quick and inexpensive bite

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Teriyaki Chicken Plate with Shrimp

BY KAREN YOUNG When I first saw the sign go up for Quality Teriyaki Bowl, I mused about the name which sounded so incredibly unimaginative. Visions of bad teriyaki bowls, laden with corn starch sauce, found in food courts in malls across America … [Read more...]

4 On 6: Marching to its own sushi beat

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Sushi. Photo by Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG The San Fernando Valley has become saturated with sushi bars — many serving “all you can eat” and "Americanized" combination rolls no one has heard about in Japan. There are only a select few with authentic Tokyo style sushi … [Read more...]

Japanese Soul Food at Studio City’s Daichan

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BY KAREN YOUNG Located just east of Studio City’s “sushi row” is Daichan (pronounced day-chan) — a family owned Japanese restaurant unlike any other in Los Angeles, serving up what they call  Japanese “soul food.” Sure they offer a … [Read more...]

Chinese and Japanese specialties at Encino’s Hokkaido Seafood Buffet

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Hokkaido's sizzling shrimp. Photos: Carole Rosner

BY CAROLE ROSNER Although it’s noisy, crowded, and rather hectic, the recently opened Hokkaido Seafood Buffet in Encino is packed with customers. This gigantic All-You-Can-Eat buffet is located on the bottom floor of an office building on Ventura … [Read more...]

Chef Hirosuke resurfaces in the West Valley

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BY ERINN EICHINGER Let's be honest, it's not hard to find a great sushi joint in the Valley, and if you ask around everyone is sure to have their favorite.  An old stomping ground of mine used to be Sushi Hirosuke in Encino.  That is until chef … [Read more...]