A Sophisticated Happy Hour at Riviera Restaurant/Lounge

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BY KAREN YOUNG Looking for a Happy Hour with a more sophisticated vibe than the usual 2- for-1 drinks and typical bar food? Then checking out Riviera Restaurant and Lounge in Calabasas is a must. Their HH deal is offered seven days a week from … [Read more...]

Worth the Trip: Doughboys is Back; Oprah's Favorite still included

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Oprahs Favorite Thing — Doughboy's Red Velvet

BY KAREN YOUNG They bake one of Oprah's Favorite Things and it's one of my all-time favorite casual restaurants — Doughboys Cafe — and it's back — a definitive MY DAILY FIND...even if it’s a teeny bit of a drive from the 818. Doughboys … [Read more...]

Japanese Soul Food at Studio City’s Daichan

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BY KAREN YOUNG Located just east of Studio City’s “sushi row” is Daichan (pronounced day-chan) — a family owned Japanese restaurant unlike any other in Los Angeles, serving up what they call  Japanese “soul food.” Sure they offer a … [Read more...]

Sports Bars and Restaurants for March Madness and Beyond

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Barney's Beanery.

BY KAREN YOUNG It’s Spring and that means March Madness — and in another blink — baseball.  In the spirit of the season, this is for the men who love sports, the women who love sports, and for those who don’t care for sports and just want … [Read more...]

Krua Thai: A spicy, cheap and delicious strip mall find

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER Ow! It’s been an hour since I finished lunch at Krua Thai and my mouth is still on fire. Don’t get me wrong. I really like this place; but you do have to take care when ordering “spicy” or even “mild-to-spicy” … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in the San Fernando Valley

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BY KAREN YOUNG There’s plenty o’ pubs to get your green on this Wednesday for St. Patrick’s Day.  Here’s some key places that stretch across the San Fernando Valley.  Remember — if you intend to imbibe on one too many pints — cab it, … [Read more...]

A little bit of the Left Bank at Le Petit Restaurant

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BY ERINN EICHINGER A great meal is more than the sum of its parts. Yes, you want great food, great service and great ambiance. Yet, to have a really satisfying meal all these things have to come together in way that can’t totally be explained in … [Read more...]

Microbrewery blends with bistro inspired fare at Ladyface Ale Companie

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Mussels and fries. Photos:

BY BOBBI RUBINSTEIN When I return home from a city with a pub culture, I’m sad that we don’t have something similar. Then Ladyface Ale Companie - Alehouse & Brasserie opened in Agoura Hills and I knew I’d found my hangout. This … [Read more...]

Bobby’s Coffee Shop: The ultimate greasy spoon, no-frills diner

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counter culture

BY KAREN YOUNG Tired of going to the latest, greatest, oh-so-groovy breakfast places with jacked up prices, I was looking to meet a friend at a grounded old school favorite — or in other words – a dive (in a good way). We decided on Bobby’s … [Read more...]

Kogi BBQ: The Food Truck that started the Revolution is in the 818

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The Kogi Truck is roaming the Valley. Find it on Twitter.

BY KAREN YOUNG My teenage son and I first found the Kogi BBQ truck via Twitter one late night almost a year ago parked outside the El Bar in Universal City. We waited over an hour in a line, so by the time we got to the front, we were starving and … [Read more...]