Hugo’s Gives World Cuisine a Healthy Take and an Expansion to the West Valley

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BY RICH LEIVENBERG I’ve known Tom Kaplan for almost 30 years and in that time I have almost never seen him without a smile. It is that smile, that sweetness and serene happiness, that he brings to his Hugo’s restaurants and taco stands. How … [Read more...]

Breakfast and lunch Flintstone-size at Cici’s Tarzana

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Forget Me Not Pancakes: strawberries, macadamia nuts, chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes with whip cream. Photos:

BY SUSAN SPILLMAN No matter how often I eat at Cici’s Café or what I order there, I always leave saying the same thing: “I’m stuffed!” True, I should exercise better portion control, but it’s incredibly hard when everything is so … [Read more...]

Try a slice or a whole pie at Pepe’s New York Pizza

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Slices of Pepe's. Photo: Karen Young

BY ANA KACZMAREK Although I subscribe to the theory that any pizza is better than no pizza, a great pizza can turn a bad day to good, or a fun late night into a fantastic one. I’m always keeping my eye out for pizza places, and have amassed a list … [Read more...]

blue table: A hidden food gem in Calabasas

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Turkey sandwich. Photos by Erin

BY ERINN EICHINGER The fact that I even found blue table in Calabasas is what you might call a happy accident. I was hungry, driving around Calabasas and for some reason our car turned into a tucked away strip mall. I was so not sure about this … [Read more...]

Kings Road Cafe: A City Friend Comes to the Valley

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Kings Road. Photos: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG Kings Road Café opened on Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood the same year I moved from the City to the Valley. That was 1990. I spent a lot of time going back "over the hill" to Kings Road in those early days for meetings and to … [Read more...]

Q-Cina Green Cafe: Indulge your inner foodie at prices that can’t be beat

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Seared ahi tuna and crab wrap with guacamole, arugula, tomato and herb ponzu aioli. ($9). Photos: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG  (THIS RESTAURANT HAS CLOSED DOWN) Q-Cina Green Café is one of those exciting food finds tucked away in a strip mall that makes you say “why is this not located right next to my house because if so, it would be my new dining … [Read more...]

A Taste of the South of France at Burbank’s Bistro Provence

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Interior bar

BY CAROLE ROSNER It took me less than 20 minutes to get to France last night. I didn’t have to drive to LAX and hop onto a 10-and-a-half-hour transatlantic flight. I just drove to Burbank, parked at a strip mall, walked through the glass doors at … [Read more...]

Mantee: A Charming, Mediterranean Oasis Awaits in Studio City

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The signature dish, Traditional Mantee  Photo: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG I’ve eaten at  Mantee five times in the last six weeks. I got a huge crush on the place the first time I went and now it’s turned to love — the real deal. Okay, you get it. This is my new favorite restaurant. Quaint, sweet, … [Read more...]

Chablis Food + Wine a worthy replacement for Paul’s Cafe in Tarzana

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BY ERINN EICHINGER In these hard economic times, it’s no longer surprising to see an established restaurant hang its closed sign for good.  It’s always hard, especially when the spot, like Paul’s Café in Tarzana, has been a part of the … [Read more...]

Gelato Bar & Espresso Caffe: A Taste of Italy in the Valley

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK Tujunga Avenue in Studio City (just south of Moorpark) is rapidly becoming LA’s very own Little Italy (at last!), what with Caioti Pizza (the original Cali-style pizza),  Press Panini and that old-school red-sauce Italian joint, … [Read more...]