The Parenting Coach: Fostering Creativity in Our Children

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BY GILA BROWN, M.A. Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit the Sonoma Ashram in California, where the following story was relayed to me.  The ashram supports Bal Ashram, an orphanage in Varanasi, India.  While the orphanage and adjoining school … [Read more...]

The Parenting Coach: To Share or Not To Share

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BY GILA BROWN, M.A. We like it when our kids share their things.  More accurately, we like it when they don’t fight over each other’s things.  When our little ones hand a toy to someone else, we often thank them for ‘sharing’.  When our … [Read more...]

The Parenting Coach: The Two Most Important Words in the Language of Parenting

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BY GILA BROWN, M.A. Two and A Half Men is a sitcom in which a newly divorced Alan (played by Jon Cryer), along with his 10 year old son, finds himself having to ‘temporarily’ move in with his brother Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen).  In one … [Read more...]

The Parenting Coach: Uncovering a True Love of Learning

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BY GILA BROWN, M.A. When I was 13, I started taking guitar lessons.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take.  After just 2 short months of struggling with fingering and calluses, I had had enough. I kept that guitar, though, for close to 20 years.  … [Read more...]

‘Don’t Smile Until Christmas’: How to Raise Independent & Responsible Children

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BY GILA BROWN, M.A. Many years ago, at the start of my first year of teaching, I was given this advice:  “Don’t smile until Christmas.” Smiling was considered a rookie move and the ‘best’ teachers managed to maintain their poker face for … [Read more...]

How to Foster Cooperation from Our Kids

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BY GILA BROWN After teaching in the classroom for many years, I came to see that I was able to effect more change when working with individual families versus an entire classroom of thirty-two 13-year olds.  Having left teaching almost 3 years ago, … [Read more...]