Internet Safety with Cyber Education Consultants

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BY KRIS KELLEY RIVERA Lori Getz understands the ins and outs of the Internet.  She’s made it her life for the last seven years, and her business for the last two.  She knows what you should do, and what you definitely should NOT do when you are … [Read more...]

Mister Ed’s Alan Young talks about the talking horse and Hollywood lore

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BY NICK THOMAS What do David Filby, Wilbur Post, and Scrooge McDuck have in common? They were all characters (The Time Machine, Mister Ed, and DuckTales, respectively) created by veteran actor Alan Young, who celebrated his 90th birthday two weeks … [Read more...]

Give a hand and give back by volunteering this holiday season with Big Sunday

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A Note for Thanksgiving Instead of a sharing a typical "My Daily Find" today, I want to introduce you (if you aren't already aware) to the largest regional community giving organization in the nation — Big Sunday.  Founded as Mitzvah Day in 1999 … [Read more...]

Find Your Inner Artist at Berman Ceramic Arts in North Hollywood

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BY NINA STERN Harry Berman believes that there is an artist in everyone. That is the guiding philosophy of the ceramics school and studio he founded 37 years ago on Cahuenga Blvd. in North Hollywood, decades before the area had been transformed … [Read more...]

Adults with developmental disabilities helped to reach new horizons

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New Horizons client Doug shows off an ad for the L.A. County Fair, which he is looking forward to attending. Photo by Angela Fentiman

BY ANGELA FENTIMAN Eight hundred developmentally disabled adults in the San Fernando Valley are productive and enthusiastic members of the community because of the work of New Horizons. Founded in 1954 by a small group of parents with … [Read more...]

Child Actor Coach Brings Hollywood to Sri Lanka

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BY JEAN PAUL ZAPATA When the U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka sought a multi-talented individual to direct two filmmaking camps in politically sensitive regions this past August, they looked no further than Glendale resident Constance … [Read more...]

Legendary L.A. Times critic Robert Hilburn’s memoir on his rock ‘n roll life with the likes of Lennon, Springsteen and Bono

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BY TOM WALDMAN When John Lennon first heard “Heartbreak Hotel,” he grabbed a guitar. When Robert Hilburn first heard “Heartbreak Hotel,” he started buying Billboard magazine. Both turned out to be wise decisions. Lennon formed a little … [Read more...]

Sherman Oaks’ Andrea Sobel helps college grads navigate the job world

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Andrea Sobel

BY RACHEL SULPRIZIO “Don’t drink and drive.” That’s advice from veteran job recruiter, Andrea Sobel, to college graduates who are heading into the workforce. “You’re not a minor anymore,” she warns.  “A DUI is a misdemeanor and … [Read more...]

Dancing with the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba hosts animal rescue event at the Rose Bowl

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Carrie Ann110

BY MY DAILY FIND STAFF Carrie Ann Inaba  of ABC's Dancing with the Stars will help The Rescue Train host its 4th Annual 5k Run/Walk (3.1 miles) on Sunday, October 4 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  The event will raise funds for seven Los Angeles … [Read more...]

Encino’s Cantor Judy Greenfeld reaches out to the unaffiliated

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BY RACHEL HELLER Of all the reasons why people lose their faith, there are few Cantor Judy Greenfeld doesn't understand. At age 16, Greenfeld's father was held up outside a theater and shot to death. The youngest of five children growing up in … [Read more...]