Travel: An Excursion to Cambria and Paso Robles Wine Country

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BY  MARY MCGRATH     Itchy to get out of town, it was time to plan another excursion.  I’d heard some great things about Paso Robles, and thought we’d partner with a stop in Cambria to round out the adventure. It was a … [Read more...]

Travel: Oxnard — LA’s Affordable Beachside Community

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BY MARY MCGRATH For many years, Oxnard was one of those requisite pit stops between LA and Santa Barbara. It wasn’t a place I even considered visiting until recently. Now, Oxnard is now its own destination and has its own story to tell. … [Read more...]

FOODIE ROAD TRIP: The Addison at The Grand Del Mar

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER There is road trip food and then there is food worth the road trip. You know the difference.  Road trip food is a juicy burger and a thick milkshake at a roadside diner that hits the spot just so. Food worth a … [Read more...]

ROAD TRIP: BBQ Boot Camp at Alisal Guest Ranch

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER When I was 17, my friend Lynne and I took a road trip from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Galveston, Texas. We hatched our plan while lying out by the pool on a scorching hot summer day, wishing aloud that we were lying on a real … [Read more...]

ROAD TRIP: Tacos, San Diego, Waterslides and More

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The water slide.   Photos: Jennifer Evans Gardner

BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER (Editor's Note: This is part of a continuing "Road Trip" series by Jennifer Evans Gardner.) I stood in line for the water slide, shivering in the cool marina air, little children all around me. Too many kids for my taste, … [Read more...]

Road Trip: A Staycation or Sunnyside Up in Beverly Hills with Breakfast for Dinner

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER I’ve never been much of a breakfast for dinner person, but that may be changing. Breakfast ingredients have been making their way into late night snacks, cocktails, entrées… even desserts. Last summer, I had an … [Read more...]

What’s Happening: Holiday Magic and Lights in the Valley, Los Angeles and beyond

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Lights at Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills

BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER I love the holidays. Not just because chestnuts are roasting in an open fire or because friends and family will gather to celebrate. Not even for the delicious scents of pine and cinnamon wafting through the air, or the … [Read more...]

Road Trip: The Palm Springs Riviera and Hadley’s Date Shakes

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Swim team kids lounging at the Palm Springs Riviera.  Photo: Jennifer Evans Gardner

BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER How far would you drive for a shake?  Not just any shake, but a California original… the Hadley’s Date Shake.  If you haven’t had one in a while, it may be time for a road trip.  And while you’re headed in … [Read more...]

ROAD TRIP Palos Verdes’ Terranea: A dream resort an hour away from the 818

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terrNelson's fish & chips 110

BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER In today’s economy, the name of the travel game is to find creative ways to cut costs.  Air travel has become not only uncomfortable with long security lines, no-frills customer service and cramped legroom -- it has … [Read more...]

ROAD TRIP: The Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER Some road trips take you hours away, others take you minutes. And then there are those that take you worlds away.  Summer is pretty much over, but you can still cling to it with a quick road trip to 1930’s Hollywood via … [Read more...]