Travel: An Excursion to Cambria and Paso Robles Wine Country

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BY  MARY MCGRATH     Itchy to get out of town, it was time to plan another excursion.  I’d heard some great things about Paso Robles, and thought we’d partner with a stop in Cambria to round out the adventure. It was a … [Read more...]

TRAVEL: Destination Del Mar — Opulent Luxury or Beachy Vibe

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BY MARY McGRATH       Another getaway was in order, and this weekend, Del Mar was our chosen spot. I hadn’t been to this area in a number of years. My fond recollections only centered on my rich wild aunt who liked to … [Read more...]

Travel: Oxnard — LA’s Affordable Beachside Community

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BY MARY MCGRATH For many years, Oxnard was one of those requisite pit stops between LA and Santa Barbara. It wasn’t a place I even considered visiting until recently. Now, Oxnard is now its own destination and has its own story to tell. … [Read more...]

Travel: Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes for Ocean Views and Gourmet Dining

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BY MARY McGRATH Complimentary champagne upon check-in?  I’m in! And so began our overnight visit to the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes.  We were there to dine at their renowned Mar’sel, and rather than slogging our way back to Los … [Read more...]

Tula’s Restaurant and Decoy Lounge: An Unexpected Surprise for Casual Food and Drink

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BY KAREN YOUNG There’s nothing like being pleasantly surprised by a restaurant about which you  have little expectations.  And that’s exactly what happened when I was invited to dine at Tula’s in North Hollywood.  It's a quiet option … [Read more...]

FOODIE ROAD TRIP: The Addison at The Grand Del Mar

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER There is road trip food and then there is food worth the road trip. You know the difference.  Road trip food is a juicy burger and a thick milkshake at a roadside diner that hits the spot just so. Food worth a … [Read more...]

Travel: Escape to a Catalina Getaway Vacation

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BY MARY McGRATH We usually head to Europe during the summer, but this quick getaway gave us the feeling of being overseas without having to deal with airports, security checks and hours in the air.  What’s not to like? Hop aboard the … [Read more...]

Take a “Staycation” at the Newly Revamped Culver Hotel

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BY MARY MC GRATH We hadn’t visited the Culver Hotel in some time. Although it punctuates downtown Culver City nicely, we’d been a bit disappointed with recent visits.  All that’s changed. Newly revamped with an attentive staff, a … [Read more...]

The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla: A Romantic and Delightful Quick Get Away

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BY MARY McGRATH Life was starting to take a toll on us, so what better way to deal with it than to book a romantic getaway that didn’t require a visit to the airport. In sleuthing nearby locales, we thought La Jolla deserved a visit. We’d only … [Read more...]

TRAVEL: An Affordable Quick Getaway to Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez

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BY MARY McGRATH Santa Barbara is one of our favorite places to visit. And why not? It’s only about two hours from Los Angeles, sports optimum weather most of the time, and its pace will gently lull you into relaxation as you engage in the many … [Read more...]