Over the Hill Eats: Roast Deli & Market for a Scrumptious Stop Off the 405

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BY AMANDA TRAXLER Commuting gourmands who find themselves at Barrington Ave. and Sunset Blvd. in Brentwood during rush hour on their way to the 405, or those in need of a casual midway point to meet up with friends,  now have Roast Deli & … [Read more...]

Bare Sole: An out-of-the-box shoe store in Burbank

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Three generations: Owner Cissy Conner (r) with her daughter, Kate Longley, and grandaughter, Kiki.  Photo: Gabriel Acevedo

BY AMANDA TRAXLER Cissy Conner’s concept for shoes with interchangeable straps—which came to her in a dream and which inspired her to open Bare Sole ,  the Burbank shoe store she runs with daughter Kate Longley—no doubt qualifies her as an … [Read more...]

Artisan wares and unique spa products at Burbank gallery and boutique

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BY AMANDA TRAXLER When searching for a retail location, Amanda Vernon, Diane Jackson, and Jennifer Hardaway knew exactly what they were looking for. “It was very important to us to have a small, pure space,” Vernon said of the corner spot that … [Read more...]

Food conscious Wholesome2go home delivery meal service

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BY AMANDA TRAXLER When leaving for Europe to be a personal chef for a celebrity client’s movie shoot, James Barry knew that his established clientele was not pleased. Especially the woman who was finally losing her stubborn baby weight by eating … [Read more...]

Breast cancer survivor raises funds for patient comfort kits

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BY AMANDA TRAXLER Janet Halbert knows how to find a silver lining--no small task when the storm cloud at hand is breast cancer. "One of my doctors said something good would come from all of this, and she was right," said Halbert, the founder of … [Read more...]

Ride On: Following the horses’ lead with unique therapies

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BY AMANDA TRAXLER Carrie Ziff, 15, has been taking riding lessons at Ride On, located in Chatsworth, for three years.  "She's little, only 85 pounds, so it empowers her to be able to sit on something so much larger than herself and have control.  … [Read more...]

Sherman Oaks resident leads in midwifery at Cedars Sinai

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BY AMANDA TRAXLER As a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Sherman Oaks resident Deborah Frank knows about waiting patiently--a skill that likely came in handy over the past three decades as she waited for hospital privileges at Cedars Sinai Medical … [Read more...]