Life Sans Sound and Spoken Word: Children of A Lesser God on its 30th Anniversary at the Deaf West

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BY AMY LYONS When Center Theatre Group founder Gordon Davidson helmed a revolutionary production of Mark Medoff's “Children of a Lesser God” in 1979 at the Mark Taper Forum, audiences witnessed first-hand the staggeringly silent world of the … [Read more...]

Unlikely Friendship Blooms in “Visiting Mr. Green” at The Colony Theatre

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BY AMY LYONS An old man, a young man, and a sea of generational differences. This is the basic narrative foundation upon which Jeff Baron's “Visiting Mr. Green” is built. It's a sweet two-hander -- if a bit past its prime -- about bridging the … [Read more...]

Brilliant staging of Equus a must see at the Chandler Studio Theatre

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BY AMY LYONS If you want to see great theatre done in an exceedingly small space, go see the Production Company’s “Equus” at the Chandler Studio Theatre Center in North Hollywood. The intimate, 40ish seat theatre is packed with creativity for … [Read more...]

Lodestone cast bares their souls in “Closer Than Ever”

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BY AMY LYONS The Lodestone Theatre Company's penultimate production, “Closer Than Ever,” is a musical revue that doesn't go for simple, smiley, feel-good numbers.  Divorce, multiple mid-life crises, a quest for physical perfection and other … [Read more...]

Raucous, bawdry camaraderie at Banshee

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BY AMY LYONS A Seisiun of sorts is filling Theatre Banshee's little theatre with accordion bleats and bodhran beats. Traditional Irish music is the backbone of the company's current production of Brendan Behan's "The Hostage," a play about … [Read more...]

Edge-of-your-seat black comedy at Zombie Joe’s Underground

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BY AMY LYONS The inaugural production from Theatre Slanty, "Sprung, A Love Story," opened with a literal bang on July 17 at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre. The on-stage explosion emitted from a makeshift meth lab of sorts set up in the home of the … [Read more...]

The Light in the Piazza shines

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BY AMY LYONS The word 'adorable' comes to mind when searching for a one-word descriptor for actors Stephanie Wall and Blake Ewing. The two are perfectly paired as starry-eyed young lovers in the current production of the "The Light in The Piazza" … [Read more...]

Texas Family Feud Set to Country Music in “Ten Cent Night”

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BY AMY LYONS A sexy, hard-drinking Texan with an attitude, Roby Finley (Tara Buck) strums her guitar for cash in New Orleans dives, but she's repeatedly incensed by audience requests to hear her famous father's music. Roby has spent a decade running … [Read more...]