Bentley’s Bandstand: The Village, Shannon McNally and Hot Sauce, Katrina Train

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BY BILL BENTLEY Various Artists, The Village, 429 Records To find the spiritual center of New York City, head for Washington Square in Greenwich Village. There is an air of everythingness in the big park, that anything can happen and no one will be … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Long John Hunter, Frank Fairfield, Ben Miller

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BY BILL BENTLEY Long John Hunter, Looking For A Party, Blues Express Records Best blues album of the year, hands down. Long John Hunter has honed his music over tens of thousands of nights starting in the early ‘50s, and taken a serpentine route … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Rosie Flores, Grant-Lee Phillips, Los Cenzontles with David Hidalgo & Taj Mahal

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BY BILL BENTLEY Rosie Flores, Girl Of The Century, Bloodshot Records This musician, once a rockabilly she-devil in the Screaming Sirens during the mid-‘80s, has circled the stylistic globe and continues to cause constant surprise among her legion … [Read more...]