Bentley's Bandstand 2010: The Ten Best Albums of the Year

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BY BILL BENTLEY Standing on the shore as new music floats in throughout the year is one of life's most dependable treasures. Over all those releases, there are always a handful that rise to the top. Albums come and go, but the really stunning … [Read more...]

Bentley's Bandstand: Marc Cohn Listening Booth: 1970

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BY BILL BENTLEY Marc Cohn, Listening Booth: 1970, Saguaro Road Records Turning a song by Bread into something so soulful it sounds just this side of Al Green is no easy feat. But that's exactly what Marc Cohn does on this intriguing concept album … [Read more...]

Bentley's Bandstand: Mark Chesnutt's Outlaw is an album for the ages

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BY BILL BENTLEY Mark Chestnutt, Outlaw, Saguaro Road Records The outlaw movement in country music during the 1970s was a little bit like professional wrestling. You could believe some of it--people were actually performing fairly high wire acts … [Read more...]

Bentley's Bandstand: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Still Got Mojo

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BY BILL BENTLEY Tom Petty, Mojo,Reprise Records Two years ago Tom Petty cranked up his '70s Florida band Mudcrutch and made an album. Playing that music might have taken some of the pressure off Petty, allowing him to go to that Southern place … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Roy Hargrove, The Bottle Rockets, Hill Country Revue

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BY BILL BENTLEY Roy Hargrove Big Band, Emergence, Emarcy Records Talk about a labor of love. Roy Hargrove has wanted to make a big band album since first arriving in New York from Texas in the late 1980s. It took him twenty years, and in that … [Read more...]