Bentley’s Bandstand: South Memphis String Band, Pieta Brown, Stile Antico

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BY BILL BENTLEY South Memphis String Band, Home Sweet Home, Memphis International Records Luther Dickinson, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Jimbo Mathus are the members of this trio. They play timeless music from the South, and it … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Quartet San Francisco, Sam Baker, Soulsavers

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BY BILL BENTLEY Quartet San Francisco, QSF Plays Brubeck, QSF Music There are sometimes albums that exist in their own world. They are so distinctive and carry such an air of accomplishment about them, it's like they are … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: “Crazy Heart” Original Soundtrack, B.J. Thomas, Joe Louis Walker

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BY BILL BENTLEY B.J. Thomas, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Tomorrow Never Comes, Collectors' Choices Blessed with a great soul voice that also had an undeniable strength singing country, B.J. Thomas started his career as a … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Waylon Jennings, Jason Yates, Arthur Adams

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BY BILL BENTLEY Waylon Jennings, Folk Country-Waylon Sings Ol' Harlan, Collectors' Choice Music Waylon Jennings wasn't an outlaw, he was an original. He looked at life from the outside and didn't bother to try and figure out … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Luther Dickinson & Sons of Mudboy, Shelly King, Animal Collective

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BY BILL BENTLEY Luther Dickinson & Sons of Mudboy, Oneward And Upward, Memphis International Records New Years is a good day to think about death, because it is also a prime time of new beginnings. It is a chance to look at the world with fresh … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: My Ten Favorite Albums of 2009

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BY BILL BENTLEY The idea of making a list of the year’s best albums is always an exciting prospect, even if everyone’s taste is so subjective it should really be called their favorite albums of the year. There is no way to listen to even a … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Mike Zito, Louie and the Lovers, Ray Davies

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BY BILL BENTLEY Mike Zito, Pearl River, EclectoGroove Records The musicians who know how to take things to the river are the ones to keep your ears on. Mike Zito’s sophomore album has an edge to it not many blues-based players know how to find. He … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: Skip Heller, Miranda Lambert, Fats Domino

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BY BILL BENTLEY Skip Heller, The Long Way Home, SHR There are musicians who are often seen as the utility players, the ones others turn to when they need the kind of support that cannot miss. Whether they’re guitarists who always pull out the … [Read more...]

Bentley’s Bandstand: John Fogerty, John Lovano, A.A. Bondy

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BY BILL BENTLEY John Fogerty, The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again, Verve Forecast Records American music has no better friend than John Fogerty. From the very start, the northern Californian understood the vast sweep of sounds that swelled across … [Read more...]