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Hot Mulled Cider is made without alcohol — add it if you'd like.

BY GWEN KENNEALLY I guess that this weekend is the official kickoff to the holiday season. A great and simple way to celebrate than with a big pot of hot mulled cider. Make it before your guests arrive and then you don’t have to worry about … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Pomegranate Margarita and Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY We are all hearing about the health benefits of pomegranate juice as a powerful antioxidant, but did you know that it is also an aphrodisiac? You can make a nice non- alcoholic treat by mixing 6 ounces of pomegranate juice with 4 … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: The Harvey Wallbanger

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall came tumbling down after nearly three decades keeping East and West Berliners apart. East Germany's Communist rulers gave permission for gates along the Wall to be opened after hundreds of … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: The Irish Coffee

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY I always remember going to football games as a kid and all of the adults were sipping out of a “secret thermos. ” So, now as the air is getting nippy, I love to serve coffee cocktails. Sometimes I set up a coffee bar with … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Apple Ginger Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY It is finally starting to feel like autumn here in Southern California…well at least in the early mornings and evenings. Time to celebrate the season and falls flavorful harvest. Ginger syrup is used in Asian ice tea and ginger … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: The Classic Manhattan

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY The Manhattan is a truly All- American Drink. Commonly used whiskeys include rye (the traditional choice), Canadian, bourbon and Tennessee. I hear that Makers Mark is a really good choice. Popular history suggests that the drink … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: It’s Sweet Martini Time!

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY The kids are back at school and busy with their social lives so we have a few moments to be, well, grown-ups. I mostly sip on a glass of wine, but for an alternative, here are a couple simple, fun and elegant cocktails. If you … [Read more...]