This Weekend: Festivals, Music, Food, Theater and More Across Los Angeles

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BY KAREN YOUNG FRIDAY A Midsummer Saturday Night’s Fever Dream: The Troubies are back at the Falcon Theatre in Toluca Lake with this hilarious musical satire directed by Matt Walker. How Deep Is Your Love for the Troubies?! Join them as … [Read more...]

Back to the Kitchen: The Cozy Comfort of the Perfect Stew

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY We just enjoyed bit of rain and I'm now hearing that the temperatures will go up.I am not really complaining, but it can be challenging to decide if you want a winter roast or a BBQ. When the weather is a bit cooler, it is a … [Read more...]

Breakfast and lunch rules at EAT

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EAT Scramble

BY KAREN YOUNG If you are going to name a restaurant EAT, it had better live up to its name. That’s the first thought that crossed my mind as I entered the NoHo eatery. After quite a few subsequent visits, I can honestly say it … [Read more...]