El Camino Real wins U.S. Academic Decathlon

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El Camino Real decathlon students, seen here after winning the stte championship March, won the National Academic Decathlon on April 24.  Photo: Courtesy ECR High School

LOS ANGELES— Nine decathletes from El Camino Real High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)were crowned champions of the 2010 U.S. Academic Decathlon competition, giving the school its sixth national victory and LAUSD, the … [Read more...]

Dodgers pitcher Randy Wolf comes back home

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BY PARIMAL ROHIT Tough gig, the life of a baseball pitcher is. Almost as if the whole world weighs on his shoulders, the pitcher is the only player on the field who is directly responsible for wins and losses. Of the 10 players (nine on defense plus … [Read more...]

El Camino Real student wins online video contest

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A video submitted by Loren Simons, a sophomore at El Camino Real High School, received the grand prize in a contest sponsored by Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Member Tamar Galatzan. Galatzan presented Simons with a $5000 check for El … [Read more...]