Level the playing field with The Battlezone at RPM Fitness

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BY SUSAN BOGNER Music thumping, bodies pumping — screaming, yelling, breathing, sweating, grunting, laughing, singing.  You have entered The Battlezone  at RPM Fitness Studio. Exclusive to RPM, this well-rounded physically and mentally … [Read more...]

Boxers & Ballerinas: A unique fitness concept in Studio City

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BY KAREN PACKER Rebekah Iliff is a former professional dancer who performed with the Ballet Chicago Studio Company, the Boulder Ballet, and has taught master dance classes and workshops throughout the country. Ricky Quiles is an 18-year boxing … [Read more...]

The Rising Lotus Yoga 100—Day Challenge

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK In these troubling times of economic crisis, many of us look towards simplifying our lives and distilling what is truly important in one’s life. Some even look inwards, towards strengthening our spirits and resolve in the face of … [Read more...]