Sharon Fiffer’s “Scary Stuff” for the perfect Halloween read

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Sharon Fiffer

BY FRED RUBIN I’ve mostly been a “hard-boiled” murder mystery fan in my reading life, favoring the “noir” classic detectives like Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe.   But I recently discovered “cozy mysteries.”  This detective genre … [Read more...]

Noho’s Vicious Dogs…are delicious dogs

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BY FRED RUBIN Being a native Chicagoan I have automatic “street cred” when it comes to judging a good hot dog. Honestly, the very first week I settled in Los Angeles thirty-three years ago, I began a search for a hot dog joint that would … [Read more...]

Spumante: Still charming, memorable and ‘delizioso’

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BY FRED RUBIN The collective popular vision of the "perfect" Italian restaurant was created in 1955 in the delightful, Disney animated movie, "The Lady and the Tramp."  Arguably the most memorable scene featured two star-crossed pooches sharing a … [Read more...]