The Weekend Cocktail: Make a Berry Blush Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY What a wonderful week this has been in Southern California! Rain and chilly for a few days and now an amazing crisp and clean gorgeous weekend! Spring has definitely sprung and I for one am felling flirty, girly and fabulous so … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: The Lemon Drop Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY Lemons are so abundant in Southren California that I am making lemon pasta, lemon chicken, lemon crème brulee and I am even making lemon drop cocktails. Invented on the West Coast in the 1970’s,  Lemon Drops have been a … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Hot Apple Toddy

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY This is a warm and yummy autumn cocktail that reminds me of a piece of apple pie. The liqueur that I use is Tuaca, an amazing Italian liqueur made with citrus peels, winter spices and vanilla. You can find it online at … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Apple Ginger Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY It is finally starting to feel like autumn here in Southern California…well at least in the early mornings and evenings. Time to celebrate the season and falls flavorful harvest. Ginger syrup is used in Asian ice tea and ginger … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: It’s Sweet Martini Time!

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY The kids are back at school and busy with their social lives so we have a few moments to be, well, grown-ups. I mostly sip on a glass of wine, but for an alternative, here are a couple simple, fun and elegant cocktails. If you … [Read more...]