Writer Lee Blessing Loads the Bases at the Lonny Chapman Theatre with COBB

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COBB Daniel Sykes, Kent Butler, Bert Emmett_photo, SherryNetherland

BY TOM WALDMAN Through history, baseball has been regarded as both the most egalitarian and the most racist of the three major American sports. On the one hand, it's hospitable to players of normal size and weight, as opposed to football … [Read more...]

Women of a Certain Age Shine in “Broads!” at the El Portal Forum

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BY AMY LYONS They're not dead yet. That seems to be the overarching message in “Broads!” a musical about four female senior citizens who sing, dance and stare down old age with sass. The story surrounds Nilda (Ivonne Coll), Louise (Leslie … [Read more...]

Aging Baby Boomers in the San Fernando Valley Rock on in “That Perfect Moment”

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That Perfect Moment110

BY AMY LYONS Watching a person past his or her prime cling to younger days can be slightly awkward at best, downright disturbing in many cases. Writers Charles Bartlett and Jack Cooper risk putting audiences in that uncomfortable place with “That … [Read more...]

Unhappy Wife Barrels Off to Niagara Falls in “Wonder of the World” at Little Victory Theater

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BY AMY LYONS Ever thought of skipping out on your spouse and subsequently splashing over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire assigns the female protagonist of Wonder of the World a version of that … [Read more...]

Edge-of-your-seat black comedy at Zombie Joe’s Underground

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BY AMY LYONS The inaugural production from Theatre Slanty, "Sprung, A Love Story," opened with a literal bang on July 17 at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre. The on-stage explosion emitted from a makeshift meth lab of sorts set up in the home of the … [Read more...]