THIS WEEKEND: What’s Happening Around Los Angeles

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Alvin Ailey inspired RockaYourSoul event for all ages at Grand Park this weekend.

BY KAREN YOUNG   RockaYourSoul: American Dance Theater and  The Music Center are joining together for LA’s Celebration of Gospel, Dance and Alvin Ailey — a free, multi-dimensional cultural experience which will embrace visitors of … [Read more...]

A brilliantly staged Amadeus at Chandler Studio

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BY AMY LYONS When fine playwriting meets inspired acting and directing, the result is a show like the Production Company's “Amadeus.” It's about jealousy, it's about pure talent, it's about social mores, but it's really all about the … [Read more...]

A Delicious Double Dose of “Lear” with star actors at Antaeus

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BY AMY LYONS If there's anything better than a talented actor nailing the title role in “King Lear,” it's two great actors doing so on a small stage. Antaeus Company, the 19-year-old classical theatre ensemble founded by accomplished classical … [Read more...]

Talented cast shines in “As White As O” at The Road Theatre

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BY AMY LYONS Jack Hawley (Vince Tula) tastes love, smells rain hitting his skin and sees letters in specific colors. His out-of-whack senses are symptomatic of synesthesia, a condition that makes him touch, taste, hear and see things in a way most … [Read more...]

Aging Baby Boomers in the San Fernando Valley Rock on in “That Perfect Moment”

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That Perfect Moment110

BY AMY LYONS Watching a person past his or her prime cling to younger days can be slightly awkward at best, downright disturbing in many cases. Writers Charles Bartlett and Jack Cooper risk putting audiences in that uncomfortable place with “That … [Read more...]

Unhappy Wife Barrels Off to Niagara Falls in “Wonder of the World” at Little Victory Theater

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BY AMY LYONS Ever thought of skipping out on your spouse and subsequently splashing over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire assigns the female protagonist of Wonder of the World a version of that … [Read more...]

The Light in the Piazza shines

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BY AMY LYONS The word 'adorable' comes to mind when searching for a one-word descriptor for actors Stephanie Wall and Blake Ewing. The two are perfectly paired as starry-eyed young lovers in the current production of the "The Light in The Piazza" … [Read more...]