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kymdouglas110x110BY KYM DOUGLAS

Summer’s here and you know what that means – reunions, weddings, a first date or just out to dinner with friends, significant other or spouse. Here are some insider celebrity secrets to help you look your very red carpet best!


Let’s say you’re in one of those bloated moods. And you’ve got that special event to attend tonight – big yikes.  Have no fear, bloat relief is here – and in the form of a quick inexpensive Epsom salt bath. The magnesium sulfate draws fluid out of your body and literally bathes away some of the bloat. Normal body swelling will also decrease allowing you to look more toned. Add two cups of salt in a warm tub, mix it into the water with your hand until it’s completely dissolved, then soak away for 20 minutes. Don’t forget to turn on the shower at the end and rinse the salt off your skin. You’ll also want to moisturize when you’re done because this salt bath is drying.


Here are some tips about a few things you should NOT eat before a big event. Pasta causes bloating; sushi makes you puffy (sayonara soy sauce); milk can make you look chalky white; soy milk can extend your stomach.

What to eat before a big red carpet event when you are over 25? Enjoy salmon and your skin will glow; Acai juice can make you look more youthful; dark chocolate is a great anti-oxidant; Matcha green tea will make you appear well rested (and help your memory so you remember where you are going).

I just found out about this new insider Hollywood trick – cherry juice. Celebs such as Courtney Cox and Kate Bosworth say they are fighting aging all the way – the natural way that is. Their solution is to drink Cherry Pharm, an all-natural cherry juice filled with antioxidants. According to dermatologists, the concentrated tart drink improves the skin’s texture and helps to reduce inflammation and age spots. Cherry picking, here I come!

Kym Douglas is the co-author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets. She guests on E!, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Fox’s Good Day LA.

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