Parenting Sucks!

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Wait! Before you go and call Social Services, hear me out. Anyone who has kids knows the tremendous joys our little ones can bring. How heartwarming it is to feel their sweet little arms around us and have them say they love us in their high pitched, “just inhaled helium” sounding voices. It makes all the stretch marks and endless pregnancy gas worth it. But there is a flip side to that deliciousness. A darker side that takes a great deal of patience and alcohol consumption to handle. And that, my friend, is the reason this column was created.

As a parent myself, and the author (or co-author) of twelve self-help books, including “Pregnancy Sucks,” “Pregnancy Sucks for Men,” “Breastfeeding Sucks,” “Bedtime Sucks,” “Potty Training Sucks,” “Teenagers Sucks” and “The Stay-at-Home Martyr,” I know a thing or two about the sucky side of parenting. All my books provide the latest advice from medical experts to old wives and of course, from other parents who have been there/don’t that and lived to talk about it, to get you through these difficult times. And this column is just an extension of my books. It’s where you can turn to find help for your parenting problem du jour. Because as we’ve all learned the hard way, once you figure out how to deal with one problem, there’s another one butted smack up against it to it to take its place!

So whether your baby is on the inside or the outside, whether you’re dealing with morning sickness, bedtime struggles, teething frustrations, growing pains, or “But all the other kids have cell phones, why can’t I have one?!” sfx: door slam, send me an email at TBD, and I’ll help ease your pain. As we parents know all too well, kids don’t come with instruction manuals.  But that’s okay because even if they did, they’d no doubt be covered in pudding or lost among the barrage of Legos and Barbies that infiltrate our homes. And besides, who needs an instruction manual when you have this column to turn to when things get tough!

Happy parenting and I hope to hear from you soon!  Email me your questions:

Joanne Kimes is the author of the bestselling “Sucks” series as well as “The Stay-at-Home Martyr.” Visit her at

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