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Most people find one look and stick with it. I’m not about that. Country to Rock, Hippy to Preppy, Gypsy to Socialite, Goddess to Grunge…Downtown, Uptown, High Waist, No Waist, Low Waist, Dropped Waist…I’m a bit of everything with a splash of Country Cowgirl in everything I wear. Because who feels the same way every day? And isn’t fashion an expression of the way we feel? Growing up on a Ranch in Prescott, Arizona for 17 summers, with the most amazing memories…so much that I breathe it in sometimes, when I’m lucky enough to feel and smell a memory.  I’m all about finding the favorite parts of your life and adding them to your style to create your best outfit, your best you.

Finding your own style often comes from a special memory or something that inspires you.  Photo: Bjoern Kommerell

Finding your own style often comes from a special memory or something that inspires you. Photo: Bjoern Kommerell

Finding the perfect look and the perfect outfit that truly represents you and truly reads original is not always easy. All of us like to feel as if we are walking around with a look that truly represents who WE are, not who we want to be. If we are all working so hard feeling good about the skin we are in, then I think it’s important to cover ourselves in some darn good outfits, too.

Here’s a way to begin. A long time ago, I discovered that tearing out pages in magazines/newspapers/photographs and keeping a file of pictures of favorite looks, inspirational colors, people, fabrics…all things that inspire me. I refer to these files before I go shopping to help me figure out what I want to look for to wear -what makes me feel good. And with these pictures in my mind, I can usually find clothes and accessories to create an outfit that is truly me.

Recently, I discovered a fashion treasure that can help any woman achieve the goal of finding that special look with fashionista flair.  Shareen Vintage, owned by Shareen Mitchell, is a magical urban oasis filled with the most amazing selection of clothes and accessories from every era. There are two warehouses: one in Los Angeles and the other in New York.  For Valley dwellers, the Los Angeles location is just past Glendale off the 134.

Shareen Vintage stocks a treasure trove of fashion finds.

Shareen Vintage stocks a treasure trove of fashion finds.

Shareen’s concrete warehouse is filled with tons of neatly organized vintage dresses, skirts, tops, blouses, shoes, jewelry and handbags.  Clothing is sorted by the time period and type of item.  Shareen also has a section with her own one-of a-kind pieces with a vintage look.

Styles from different eras captures the imagination.

Styles from different eras captures the imagination.

Shareen and her trained staff are always around to direct you. They won’t let you leave with a piece that doesn’t suit you.  And you can’t beat the prices. How does putting together a completely unique outfit for under $100 sound?  Many dresses are under $50.  Need some on the spot alterations? Shareen has that service available too.  The warehouse is only open three days a week; so if you want to shop another day, or bring a group of friends for a clothing party, call to make an appointment.

Wherever you shop, just remember to choose clothes that make you feel inspired…that make you feel good to be you and only you.

Shareen Vintage 350 North 21, Los Angeles 90031  Open Wed, Sat, Sun or by appointment (323) 276-6226

Allison Rae Marsh is a Studio City based fashion/ wardrobe stylist with an eclectic celebrity clientele. She is available for  style consultations or personal shopping.  She can be contacted at

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