Body Talk: Tips for romance and looking good

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It’s always the right time of year for romance.  Here’s some fun and interesting tips that won’t cost a bundle.

Secret Agent

Forget the Chanel #5, the Dior and the Jo Malone.  If you really want to turn on your guy bake a pizza or cook a roast in your kitchen. The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (yes, it’s real and located in Chicago in case you were wondering) conducted a study in which they tested male arousal responses to 30 different aromas by tracking male organs blood flow. Cheese pizza and roasting meat ranked the highest arousal response in men. Rose and fruity fragrances were the lowest. Is it wrong to rub little pizza on your wrists? Just wondering.

Lip service

As everyone knows, having soft and kissable lips is part and parcel of romance. What many people don’t know is how harmful petroleum-based products can be on your lips. I tried out almost every organic lip product on the market in the last few months and have found that Eco Lips organic lip care products tops my list as the perfect lip balm. Cruelty free, non-GMO and petroleum-free, they are packaged in a convenient small stick form.  Some are even available with an eco-clip so it’s handy during the day or for sports. My personal favorite is their vegan Lemon-Lime Bee-Free 70% Certified Organic Balm. Eco Lips products can be found at Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks. For more information, go to

Winning budget tips

Did you know that an avocado is a winner for shiny hair? It contains natural oils and vitamins, giving your hair a healthy dose of all natural moisture.

Who knew vinegar is great for removing buildup of styling products – the same ones that have also been said to help make your hair shiny?

Two denture tablets in water are great for whitening your fingernails in case you don’t have time to get a manicure before a night out with that special someone. It’s also ideal as a relaxing foot soak and will whiten your toenails as an added benefit.

Vaseline will not only soften any rough knees and elbows, but it can also shine your shoes. No kidding.

Use toupee double stick tape to keep your clothes in place – especially if you’re planning on wearing a revealing low cut top or dress.  Think the likes of Mariah Carey and that infamous J Lo dress a couple years back.

Kym Douglas is the co-author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets. She guests on E!, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Fox’s  Good Day LA. Contact her

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