Part of Van Nuys is now Sherman Oaks despite opposition

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pamela-turski90BY PAMELA TURSKI

One day before part of Van Nuys officially became Sherman Oaks, the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) discussed the heated topic in its monthly board meeting July 13 at Sherman Oaks Elementary School.


Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Board Members Photo: Pamela Turski

Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Board Members Photo: Pamela Turski

However, despite tension and opposition, on July 14 the Los Angeles City Council voted 10-2 to officially declare the community of 1,855 homes (8 % of the the homes in Van Nuys) bounded by the San Diego (405) Freeway, Hazeltine Avenue, Oxnard Boulevard and Burbank Boulevard, part of Sherman Oaks. Councilmembers Tony Cardenas and Jose Huizar voted against the name change.

Both Neighborhood Councils, Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys,  opposed the name change, as have many residents of both communities. But just days before leaving her post, City Controller Wendy Greuel (then a Council Member) lent her support to the name change.

“This has been a vicious campaign.  It pits neighbor against neighbor,” said SONC President Jill Banks Barad. “Leaders of this effort have made statements that include they are of ‘common complexion and values’ as people in Sherman Oaks,” said Barad.

“SONC voted almost unanimously to oppose the annexation.  It’s a terrible slap in the face to neighborhood councils, who are not only being ignored, but defied.”

“Sherman Oaks does not want to annex this community, to take this community away from Van Nuys.  This is the first time a community is attaching itself to an existing community, not renaming itself, e.g., Valley Village.  If they so hate Van Nuys, let them break off and become something else, like East Lake Balboa or whatever,” said Neil Roden, Business Representative, Area 7.

The process to initiate a name change for a neighborhood in Los Angeles requires filing an application, collecting 500 signatures (or 20% of the community if less than 2500 residents), and approval by the City Council.

“The process needs to be changed.  It’s divisive, and it’s too easy,” said Tom Capps, Residential Area 2 Representative.

In other business, the Board welcomed special guest speaker Jeffrey Childers, LADWP Government Relations and Neighborhood Council Liaison, to discuss changes to expect with regard to the DWP’s new pricing structure and efforts to promote energy conservation during the high-demand summer months.  For 2009, energy conservation rates were put into effect July 1 and will remain in place through the end of September; for 2010 and each year thereafter, rates will be in effect for the entire summer billing period, from June 1 through September 30.  By reducing consumption during the peak hours of the day, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., customers can reduce energy use and potentially lower their electric bills.

For residential customers, the rates are based on consumption, with each customer allotted a set amount of energy at the lowest rate.  This amount, Tier 1, is the amount needed for basic services; Tier 2 and Tier 3 reflect higher usage and are billed at a higher rate.  Since hotter temperatures cause electrical appliances to run less efficiently, LADWP has divided the city into two temperature zones, with people in the hotter zone able to use more energy for the same price.  Also available to customers is Time-Of-Use (TOU) pricing, a separate rate schedule that allows customers to shift energy use to off-peak periods for a lower billing rate.  For complete pricing and zoning information, please visit  Further, Childers said interested customers can request a water conservation specialist to come out and show residents how to minimize water usage.

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council meets the second Monday of each month; there will be no meeting held in August.  The next meeting will be a Candidates’ Forum held on September 14 at Sherman Oaks Elementary School, 14755 Greenleaf Street, Sherman Oaks 91403.  For more information:  SONC (818) 503-2399,

Pamela Turski is a Sherman Oaks-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Sun Community newspapers.  She may be reached at

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  • HackerChecker

    Nice article, Pamela, thanks!

    Council members Tony Cardenas and Jose Huizar voted against the name change. At two different points during Tuesday’s city council meeting, council member Cardenas raised the question of racism as a key motivating factor for the name change, referring to the possible use of the word “complexion” by one of the proponents, Laurette Healey. As it turns out, Healey’s Latina partner spoke to that point, saying that the area was actually quite multi-cultural and that the word “complexion” was meant in reference to the buildings and not the people. Tony Cardenas is the council member for the majority of Van Nuys whose neighborhood council recommended and then fought against the name change.

  • Carolyn Uhri

    I live in an area of Van Nuys that also decided to become part of Sherman Oaks and this was many years ago. This small area (otherwise known as the Chandler Estates) joined Sherman Oaks because of the status it provided for real estate pricing…a pretty dumb reason. I could never understand this move…there’s nothing wrong with living in Van Nuys!

  • Wilma

    Regardless of the annexation of a small portion of Van Nuys to Sherman Oaks, I suspect that the real estate values of the specific area which continues to be in dispute among residents, regardless of the finality of the law, will not enjoy a rise in market value for a very long time: It will probably be shunned by high income buyers as less desirable. Is this prejudicial? Yes, it is – yet it is realistic, especially considering the remarks and reaction of the current residents in the “original” Sherman Oaks.

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